Friday, February 20, 2009

Well Hello King David....and your twin

DH is working crazy hours for the next few weeks. He was off yesterday so that put a crimp in my thrift shopping for the day. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday - a coupon came in the newspaper the other day - Buy 1 entree, Get 1 Free. We both like Ruby Tuesday. And as it turned out, I also got an email from Ruby Tuesday (I'm on their email newsletter list) so I have plenty more of the coupons if we go again.

Today I went to Smile I bought the above Michelangelo's Statue of David switchplate cover for .50. I also bought this Mickey Mouse back-scratcher ($1.50). I used to have one when I was a kid, but I don't know what happened to it. Maybe I sold it at a yardsale? I don't remember.

Then afterwards I went to Walgreens & CVS. Walgreens has had their Valentine's candy at 75% off for a few days now. I bought Jacob a few pretty little plastic heart shaped purses full of gumballs for .62 each. Gumballs are gumballs. Once the gumballs are gone, the little plastic cases/purses will be for sale at my next yardsale.

Walgreens was clearancing out all of their Pringles potato chips at .45 a can. I stocked up. The big cans are "single serving cans" when my DH gets a hold of one. I bought 15 cans. I did leave some for others to buy, but of course the ones I left are expiring in a few months. I bought the ones that are good until 2010.

Remember a little while back, I said I had enough feminine protection to last me thru menopause? Well today I got more to add to my stockpile. I mean, if a store is going to pay me to take stuff, how can I refuse? I can't. I'm weak. At CVS, when you bought one package at $3.89 - you got a $2 Extra Care Bucks so that brought the price down to $1.89 each. And I had some Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons.

So with my coupons, I paid $3.89 for two packages and got $4.00 in Extra Care Bucks so that is a .11 profit for 2. And I did that twice.

The Kids Essentials drinks were free. A while back there was an online promo for a free coupon if you filled out a form on their website. So I did it and my mom did it too (so she sent me her coupon). Otherwise they would have been $9.99 each. But the thing is, I will be surprised if Jacob drinks it, but I will try. I will probably end up making milk shakes with it for myself. And the little box of aspirin was free at CVS with Extra Care Bucks.

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Anonymous said...

I love the lightswitch plate :D oh wow

Anonymous said...

oh.. where is Smile located?

Chris said...

Laura - Smile is located in Southern Calvert County.

Gumball man - my name is not Jamie. And I should take back about what I said about Gumballs are gumballs. Not all gumballs are created equal, that's for sure. The Dollar Tree sells some that are bad gumballs.

Susan said...

Love your blog - found you somewhere in researching garage sales! Kid Essentials - did your little guy like it? I got the chocolate kind, and my 2nd grader pronounced it "yucky" in her school lunch. I hate when a good freebie goes bad!

Chris said...

Susan - Jacob hasn't tried the Kid-Essentials yet (I got them in chocolate too). He really gets on a kick for certain foods/drinks and then it abruptly stopped.

For a while he was drinking those Nestle single serve Chocolate Milks like crazy. Now I have 3 in the fridge that he hasn't touched.