Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cutest Yardsale Customer of the day

One woman brought her cute little dog to the yardsale and when she saw me take his picture, she ran to the car and put on his Halloween costume for me.

Oh I forgot to mention in my previous post, before I set up for the church yardsale, I went to a few that had started early. At one sale, I bought a huge box of household decor stuff for $2. I only wanted a brand new medium sized Yankee Candle that was in the box (probably a $15 candle). So at my yardsale, I went thru the box and priced a few things at $1 each, .50 each, and probably sold $4 or $5 worth of stuff just out of that box - and of course I got the brand new Yankee Candle to boot! The rest of the stuff that I didn't think would sell, I set up a "freebie box" and a lot of that went too. Afterwards when I was closing up, I packed up a big box of stuff and donated it to a local animal rescue thrift store (luckily it was very close to the church).

One helluva yardsale sign at church yard sale

My friend Pat and I did the church yardsale yesterday. The church had advertised in the newspaper, posted the yardsale on their church sign facing the highway, had a massive sign on a cherry picker truck facing the highway and guess how many people showed up to actually hold a yardsale? Two - me and Pat! Can you believe it??? We couldn't and had a good laugh over it. There was one other person who set up near the parking lot, but they weren't in the parking lot with us.

When you think "church yardsale" you expect tons of donated stuff from the church members. Customers kept asking, is there going to be more? I think the church expected their members to show up that morning with their own stuff to sell or something, and no one did.

It worked out well for us because we got all the customers who were expecting to go to a big church yardsale. But unfortunately this week I didn't get very organized with my stuff - I could have brought tons more. I sold $111 (and gave a $10 donation to the church).

And the funny thing is, the yardsale was advertised as a "Youth" Yardsale and instead people got me and Pat. I am glad no one is suing over false advertising because if they did, they'd win!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Planning another yardsale

Ran into a friend today at the thrift store (yes, my bad! I can't stay away!) and she mentioned she wanted to have a yardsale soon - like this weekend. So she called a church that is having one this weekend and they said we can set up a table at it (and pay a donation, of our choosing). So tomorrow and Friday I need to re-group the junk that didn't sell last weekend, get rid of true crap and find "new" stuff to add to it.

Won't be as fun as a *fun*eral home yardsale, but it's nice to hold a sale with a friend.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Funeral Home Yardsale - I made a killing!

The yardsale at the funeral home was really good. I made $115, which is good considering my most expensive thing I sold was $6. And I can only bring enough stuff that fits into my minivan and what I can handle since I don't have any helpers. I got there around 7:40am (wasn't set to officially start until 9am) and there were already people there all set up and waiting for customers. Although I miss not being able to go out yardsailing on the days I hold a yardsale, I am able to shop at all the other vendors. And I did stop at an early church yardsale near the funeral home (it started at 7:30) and got a few little things there.

Best sellers at my sale were a bunch of CDs priced at $1 each. Earlier this summer at other yardsales, I bought a bunch of CDs at .10 each. I like selling CDs at yardsales since they are small and easy to manage (not like heavy glassware which you have to lug around and break).

At first at the sale, I was worried that they wouldn't have a lot of customers since you couldn't see the sale from the highway. But I was pleasantly surprised since it seemed busy all morning long.

Setting up my table for the sale

During the sale - my little corner of junk. The man in the black shirt is at the end of my table, looking at the CDs.

Hmmmmm...what is the long grey thing on the floor inside the building??? And is it for sale??

Friday, September 15, 2006

Funeral Home Yardsale - hope there's lots of warm bodies there

Well tomorrow is the day of the yardsale at the funeral home. They said they had a lot of people sign up for it. Hope it attracts lots of warm bodies with money. My car is loaded up with junk.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's so hard to be good

Been trying to be "good" lately and cut down on buying at my thrifts. My husband is not happy with my junk. Hopefully I'll sell a lot this Saturday at the funeral home. Now that's something I don't say everyday. I keep telling him, "you'll see, I'll sell it on ebay". The trouble is, I like shopping for stuff a lot more than I like writing up auctions and listing stuff on ebay.

My goal today was go to to Staples and unload the last of my generic inkjet cartridges for recycling and getting the $3 Staples coupons. They are changing their policy on 9/17/06 so that means they're only going to be accepting HP, Lexmark and Dell brand cartridges for recycling. I think I may have mentioned this but over the summer I bought 100 empty Epson cartridges on eBay (for a flat rate of $50 including shipping) and been slowing bringing them to Staples. So anyways I had 17 left to go, but I decided to stop in a "new" thrift I've found (I don't even know the name of it but it's at some church) and I found 4 generic inkjets for .25 each to add to my 17 that I planned to recycle. So today I ended up with $63 in Staples coupons. Then tonight - of course - I go to print something and two of my cartridges are empty. Why couldn't I have printed something yesterday instead??? So now I'm going to feel the need to drive over to Staples again before 9/17 to get my two $3 coupons for my generic cartridges.