Tuesday, December 13, 2016

testing testing

Is this thing on? Hello hello can you hear me now?

Monday, May 16, 2016

DIY Project turn old bbq grill into gardening center

I was talking with a friend recently and told her how I turned my old bbq propane gas grill into a gardening center and figured I should share it here too. I see old bbq grills for free or dirt cheap at yardsales, so if you don't have an old grill, it shouldn't be too hard to find one.

I just gutted the insides, plugged the holes where the propane lines used to be, and filled with potting soil. Ta-da! My barebones gardening center. You can get fancy and add hooks and stuff and store gardening utensils etc.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

In memory of Joey Martin from Joey + Rory Feek

In memory of the talented and beautiful Joey Martin of the Joey + Rory country music duo, here are some photos and videos I took years ago when they were the opening act for Josh Turner.

Monday, February 01, 2016

World's Best Rolling Thrift Store on Wheels!

Ok, granted I have only been to one thrift store on wheels, but I am going to declare it the World's Best Rolling thrift store on wheels (that I have been to).

It's a tractor trailer that is thrift store inside! It comes around my area about once a month and stays for a weekend - then it's off to the next location. They call it a "Mobile Compassion Center" but it's really a thrift store on wheels. But if you wanted to talk religion while there, you could do that too since they have a little chapel too. And if you were needy, I think they would give you whatever you needed at no cost. Most clothes are only $1 each.

Schedule for the rolling thrift store

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Join LivingSocial and save money on your first deal

If you are not a member of LivingSocial yet and want to try it out - use this link and get $10 off your first purchase of $20 or more.

Living Social $10 Deal Link

This special offer is for new members only. You actually don't have to buy anything - you can always just check out to see what offers are in your area. I also use Living Social deals to check out offers in other areas - like say I am going on vacation, I will view offers in other cities and see if they have any deals I want to take part of when I am visiting other cities. I'm actually using a Living Social deal this weekend and going to our local winery for wine tastings and a bottle of wine to take home.