Saturday, June 29, 2013

Indiana woman beaten during garage sale robbery

Horrible story about a woman in Indiana being assaulted and robbed while she was setting up for her garage sale. Passing this along to get the word out and hopefully they catch the asshole who did this.

Avon woman beaten during garage sale robbery - 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's Revisit May - The Band Perry

I guess I failed to blog about my volunteer work last month. It's when I helped to quench the throats of thirsty concert-goers - when I did volunteer bartending at The Band Perry concert. I've resigned myself to the sad realization that when the concert venues feeds us our free dinner pre-show, the shrimp salad wraps are gone forever. So sad.

As our bartending stand sold out of beer, it got closed up early and I was able to enjoy the show. Here's some pics and videos.

The song list that I got off the stage:

Here's the opening act, who I have named the Grumpy Guitarist, as he warms up prior to the show.