Sunday, October 28, 2007

Think Used!

Last week I drove by this car junk yard and the thought the sign was very insightful.

Taco Bell Tuesday 10/30/07

If you happen to be by a Taco Bell this Tuesday between 2-5pm, swing by and get a free taco. Click here to read about it: FREE Taco Bell taco

Happy Halloween Saturday

Yesterday was the first Saturday in a long time that I didn't go yardsailing. It rained all day on Friday and rain was forecasted for Saturday morning so I slept in.

In the afternoon Jacob and I went to the annual trick or treating at Annmarie Gardens. It was $1 per person and lots of businesses and community groups line the walkway giving out treats (and info to the parents about their business etc). Many businesses decorate their area with Halloween displays etc. Last year Jacob really liked the one business that had upside down kids planted in the ground (top picture was taken last year and the bottom pic I took yesterday during a lull in the crowd - the pathway gets very crowded with kids, adults, costumes and strollers.) And yes, that is the SAME fireman costume from last year.

In the past, there was a Girl Scout troop that would set up Fortune Telling Booths - they would accost people on the path and ask "Do you want your palm read?" and then they would take their victims to their booth where they would take a red ink pad and stamp your palm red. LOL!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Whiskey dog worked the crowd tonight

I saw that there was going to be a free rabies clinic at the local firehouse tonight so I took the ole Whiskey dog to get a shot (my bad - he was due in 2006 for another). Well anyway, he is now good until 2010. The local SPCA runs the free clinics here and you can give a donation. All the volunteers and workers fell in love with him. I am not exaggerating, I didn't see any of them fawn all over other dogs as they did with the Whiskey dog. For some reason I always add the word "dog" when talking about the Whiskey dog. Or else I refer to him by his full name: Whiskey Weiner with the Weird Wild Hair. I had to show proof of a prior vaccination and when I was pulling out rabies receipts for him from 1994 and 1996 etc, the volunteer looked at me and said "this can't be the same dog - he is too young". And I had to tell her that yes indeed, he is an approximately 14 year old give or take some years. (He was a stray that we got around 1994 or so).

Then went thru the drive thru at Burger King for two Whoppers (using a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon, total $2.93 for both). I have a bunch of Burger King coupons listed on ebay right now -
Yardsalequeen Auctions - a real money saver if you plan on eating at Burger King within the next month.

Then drove thru the KFC drive thru to get Jacob something to eat. (He is a very picky eatter so there are only certain foods he eats, and Burger King isn't one of them). So his three KFC chicken strips came to $4.09. Doesn't seem right that a meal for a 7 year old should cost more than mine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update for the last week or so

Well it's Wednesday, so that makes day number three of having lasagna for dinner. Aye yi yi, I made a monster sized lasagne on Monday and now on day 3, it's about half gone. I need to find (at a yardsale) a smaller sized lasagne pan. Someone should invent a lasagne pan that is just as long as a noodle is.

A quick update on what's been going on. Last Friday my son (and husband) had the day off from school/work so we went to the mall. Didn't buy a thing. Also test drove a Honda Ridgeline truck. My husband already has a truck (about 10 years old with only 40,000 miles on it) but was looking for an upgrade. My husband's other vehicle is a motorcycle so he drives that half the year or better. Ain't buying a Ridgeline. Crappy mileage and plus it was expensive ta boot.

On Saturday I sold junk and stuff at the local fairgrounds flea market. I figured it would be last chance for the year to sell at that one since the next two Saturdays I have other plans. I signed up to sell stuff at an indoor yardsale in December ($5 space). That will be a good one since people will be out Christmas shopping etc and many of the vendors bring crafts and stuff.

I made $125 on Saturday and then afterwards I went shopping at a huge flea market in another town. At the huge flea market there are a lot of professional vendors etc, most of them are not selling the stuff they got out of their basement. More like all the Made in China imports and knockoffs etc. There is a Farmer's Market part of the flea market too. The pictures above are pictures I took on Saturday.

If Heather from Lusby is reading this - I know I missed your yardsale on Saturday - I couldn't go since I was busy with my own at the fairgrounds.

Didn't do much on Sunday.

Monday is when I made that big ass lasagne along with a big batch of meat sauce. Then on Tuesday I made several (small) trays of stuffed shells and put them in the freezer. Today (Wednedsay) I did some grocery shopping and some other shopping.

I had a particularly good coupon day at Giant today, so I'm showing my receipt above. Most items were free cans of dog food that I had a bunch of coupons for.

Also went to Staples and bought 3 packages of Sharpie markers - amount paid: 0.00. The sale was a 5 pack of Sharpies for $3, so I bought three for a grand total of $9.00 plus tax, but after they deducted my three $3 Staple Ink Jet recycling coupons, the total went down to 0.00 and since there is no tax on 0.00, I didn't have to even pay tax.

Some of the Sharpies may be put towards a "prize pack" - I think I'm going to have my first ever contest on the website soon so I've been putting a few things together for a prize.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A few of my buys from last Saturday

I tried doing a blog posting the other day, but apparently blogspot was having technically difficulty so I gave up. So here's a few things I got last Saturday. $3 Plastic Storage drawer thing, $2 vintage old trunk, $3 set of brand new Martha Stewart flannel sheets for the guest bed. Also bought this ginormous fake ring for .50

Weather permitting, I'm going to go up to the Fairgrounds this Saturday and rent a yardsale space ($10) for the day and try to get rid of some stuff. I'll probably mark that trunk $20 and see if someone buys it for shabby chic decor.

Dawn over at Frugal For Life Blog "tagged me", whatever that means. I'm not sure really, but I'm guess its like the kids game of tag, where I become "it" and now have to "tag" someone else's blog. Hmmmm...I guess I will just tag Frugal For Life Blog back. She has a ton of links to other blogs - if you are into frugal/thrifty living, it will keep you busy for quite a while.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I think today was the day that Hell froze over....

My husband had the day off today so we did some shopping - had a $10 Best Buy Rewards card to use, and we also went to Staples, Walmart, BJs Warehouse, Lowes and Target. Well the reason why I think hell may have frozen over is that my husband bought a country music CD. Wow - I never thought I would type those words ever. He is someone who is totally stuck in the 80's as far as music is concerned and says he hates country music. At Target he picked out a Martina McBride greatest hits CD ($9.99) and said he liked a few of the songs on it. Then we had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. They really re-designed the restaurant - no more crap and junk thrown up on the walls anymore. (Hmmmm...makes me wonder what they did with all that stuff - it better not have ended up in a dumpster!) Thankfully they still had my Carolina Chicken Salad on the menu.

Ok, now I am going to type something I never thought I would. I own a William Hung CD. NO NO NO, I did not pay retail for it. Bought it this week at $1 at one of my thrifts and comes with a DVD. (I didn't even know William Hung had a DVD).

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The most crazy statement I heard last weekend at a yardsale.

I spotted a tiny Longaberger basket at a yardsale. The owner messed it up by trying to put a regular nail thru the back. I asked how much it was and her reply was "It's a little damaged, so I'm only asking $10 for it." Yeah right, only $10. I guess she didn't know I find nice, undamaged Longabergers for $1 at yardsales.

Did more thrift store Christmas shopping

The other day at one of my thrifts I saw a shirt that is perfect for my brother. I don't understand of fascination of watching cars driving around and turning left, but it's one of my brother's hobbies. His favorite Nascar driver is Matt Kenseth. At the thrift I saw an incredibly gaudy Matt Kenseth shirt in my brother's size, for $1 so I had to buy it.

My earrings from the Silver Jewelry club came in and I've been wearing them. They don't look exactly like they do in the picture, but not a bad buy for $5.99 - will post a pic of them soon.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Great News!! Had dentist appointment today and....

After my dentist appointment today I went searching for recently opened Tuesday Morning store that is in a shopping plaza I don't normally shop at. I like browsing at Tuesday Mornings but the nearest one is at least a good 50 miles away, well not anymore.

But guess what was right next to Tuesday Morning, with a big grand opening sign?? A DOLLAR TREE!!! whoo-hooo!!!!! How the hell did I not hear about a Dollar Tree coming to our area?? As I have mentioned before on the blog, I love the Dollar Tree! This is so awesome. So now I won't have to stock up on graham crackers and batteries when I visit my mom in NY and shop at her Dollar Tree. Now I have my own!

Now if an Aldi's opens up anywhere around here, it would be like I died and gone to heaven.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

PRAD Parade - Solomon's Island Maryland

Speaking of senator Bernie Fowler, here is a pic I took today, he was the Grand Marshall of the Prad Parade, as usual he is dressed in his standard overalls and hat with flag. I hope I'm that lively and vibrant when I'm in my 80's. The YouTube video is a part of the Shriner's portion of the parade - I purposely taped it so you will have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The parade wasn't as big as last year (an election year), when there were a bunch of local politicians and politicans wannabees working the crowd etc.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Yardsale season slowing down

Yardsale season is starting to slow down a little - probably went to about 8 sales today. I could, of course, gone to more but didn't want to drive far.

As it turned out, the last yardsale I went to was the best, I spent a whopping $4.50 and got a ton of good stuff. It was at a waterfront house so an added benny was that Jacob got to have fun and throw crabapples into the Bay.

I haven't taken a picture of my buys, but here is what I got: .25 an Ikea cat tent like the one pictured above (no I don't have a cat but my brother and his wife have several so I will give it to them). $1 - set of cabinet drawer cubbyholes. You know how some cabinets (like kitchen sink cabinet) have the fake panels that look like drawers but in fact its not? Well these are little cubbyhole things that you can add to the fake panels to make them actually useful.

Also bought: $1 a two-pack of Fix-a-Flat. .25 large Tigger mug, .25 cute glass fan shaped vase, $1 little step stool. In my bathroom at the sink, I currently use my old step-aerobics step for Jacob to use to stand on. It does the job, but takes up a lot of room, I think this little step stool will be better. Free Burnes of Boston picture frame, .50 license plate frame that looks like little soda bottle caps all around it. But the best buy was a $2 two drawer filing cabinet.

I forgot to mention this but I had a good buy yesterday. Something I had been looking for since June (when I found out my son was going to a new school this fall). I wanted to buy a logo t-shirt from his school (but of course, not pay full price). Yesterday I found several at the thrift for $1 each, but only bought 1 since the others were too small.

In the afternoon I went to the Calvert Museum for their annual PRAD Festival It was nice to by myself and leisurely look at all the exhibits and the craft show. Will go back tomorrow with Jacob to watch the parade. Got to meet (again) former Maryland Senator Bernie Fowler and had him autograph a souvenir poster (a freebie) for Jacob. As he was autographing a poster for someone else, I noticed he didn't have a good pen, so I gave him the Sharpie I had.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Bam! Bought a $5 apron; Bam! Found the Bam Margera t-shirt

Started doing my yardsale Christmas shopping. People who receive gifts from me don't ask where I bought something - they know better. Yesterday as I was at the thrift getting my free Panera leftover bread and muffins, I saw a "like new" Emeril Lagasse BAM! apron, marked $5. A little high, but the money goes to a good cause plus I had taken a bag full of free bread. I bought it for my mom who sort of collects aprons and is a big fan of Food TV. The Bam! aprons on the Emeril website sell for $19.99 plus shipping. I would take a pic and show it but heck, its been a whole day and who the hell knows where I put it.

I haven't given an update on my "get rid of playpen full of toys by October 1 or else it's going to the dump" challenge. Well the pack n play playpen full of toys is gone (technically speaking). The playpen is history. I donated it to my thrift (and they took it) but I didn't see it for sale, so maybe it got tossed. I don't think it was recalled or anything, just not very current and a PITA to put together. The little battery operated ninja 4 wheeler was in a different location when picture #1 was taken. That is something I will sell at a yardsale or put in the Pennysaver - BUT we have to find the battery charger for it. I know its around here somewhere.

And as I was cleaning out the toy area, I came across a bag of purchases I had made months ago. I love it when that happens, it's sort of like Christmas...opening up a bag to see a nice surprise of a long ago thrift store shopping experience. (Actually I get that feeling quite often - I squirrel stuff away and then I come across it months later.) I found a Bam Margera t-shirt that I bought at the .35 clothing thrift sometime last spring, to give to a friend who has a crush on Bam Margera.

I went to the dentist this week. I always schedule my dental appts to coincide with the .35 sale days at VV (which is near the dentist). So anyway, as usual, when the dentist can't find anything wrong, they go with the "some of these old fillings need to be replaced" spiel. So I am going back to the dentist next week to get some filings replaced - on a .35 shopping day at VV of course.

Monday, October 01, 2007

$5 Zipline works pretty good

Back on the blog entry from June 30, I posted a pic of the $5 Funride (zipline) that I was excited to find at a yardsale. Well this weekend we finally put it up. Of course my husband didn't like my choice of locations for it so I let him put it up where he wanted to (gotta pick your battles and I didn't mind losing this one since he did the majority of the installation work).

So I made a little YouTube video to show that indeed it does work (and yes, it is higher when he starts off and just gets slowly lowered to the ground).

So, here is the $5 yardsale Funride in action, which would have cost around $79 if I had paid retail:

My eBay Listings

I have a set a new personal record - my highest amount of auction listings going at one time. I currently have 68 auctions going! I know its a lot, but I think I'll be able to handle it. The big rush is always packing stuff up and going to the Post Office. But since a lot of the auctions will end on Sunday, and the following day Monday is Columbus Day (a postal holiday), I won't be going crazy packing stuff up since there won't be a need to rush to the Post Office on Monday. Check out and see my auctions - something for everyone from Little Tikes to Playboy software and everything in between! Auctions