Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Bargain Booze

While in NY, I did some regular store shopping (hit the Kohl's near my mom's) and the megasized liquor store. It's the only liquor store that I know that routinely gives out samples while you're shopping. I spotted this cheap wine on sale for $4.34 a bottle. And if you bought 2 bottles, you could send in for a $5 rebate. So that works out to be a little over $2 a bottle. Blush and white wine all pretty much taste the same to me so no use wasting a lot of money on good wine for me. (I have had the Two Buck Chuck wine before and thought it tasted good - but I don't have a Trader Joes nearby. The nearest Trader Joes is 50 miles away and they don't sell wine at that location).

Then yesterday I was at a little independent grocery store which is remodeling and I saw they had crates of miscellaneous beer and wine for $10 a crate. I am not really a beer drinker but the crate with Mike's Hard Lemonade in it caught my eye. So I bought it. Here's what I got for $10 plus tax

Also yesterday I went to the recycling center and spotted this cute empty Heineken mini-keg so I took it and delayed it's recycling for a while. Will have to think of some sort of crafty thing to do with it. If you have an idea what I should make with it, feel free to leave a suggestion.

Well gotta run, all of a sudden I am feeling thirsty.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nipper and more Nipper

Well here he is, Nipper in all his glory. You know, Nipper the world famous advertising icon for RCA. The biggest Nipper in the world. I remember driving past it in the family car as a kid. He even has his name on his collar.

If you're curious where he is in the photo further below, look at the center, and then up a little (look for the beige building with what looks like windows on the top).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Re-cap of my trip to NY

Jacob and I spent the week before Easter at my mom's in upstate NY. Got there on St. Patrick's day and found out the local chain of convenience stores were giving away a free ice cream cone to anyone wearing green. There are two Stewart's within a half mile of my mom's house. wink wink.

Oh I forgot to mention - on the drive up, I tried taking a picture of one of my favorite signs. It says "Gross Used Cars". Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the sign I wanted to, instead I got their other sign.

It was still winter in New York and they still had lots of pretty winter snow scenes.

Kids still had school there, so I was able to take Jacob to kid-related places and not have a mob scene. Went bowling (using the Banquet bowling coupons), Chuck E. Cheese and Jeepers

And Easter in NY wouldn't be complete without getting Paska bread from the Polish bakery. Here's pics of other stuff they had for sale:

My brother and his wife live in Albany, and when I went to visit them, I was driving right past Siena College - who upset Vandy in the NCAA tournament, so I stopped by and took a pic. My brother is a Siena alumni and I have a cousin who is a Vanderbilt alumni.

While in Albany, we went to an observatory (free). I hadn't been there in years and thought Jacob would enjoy it - he did.

A pic of Eliot Spitzer's former residence (weird coloring in pic is due to a glass reflection, even tho I had turned the flash off):

Wow - it's getting late and I got things to do today. The Nipper pics will have to wait, maybe later tonight. Gee, I thought everyone knew who Nipper is!

P.S. Did you know that Dunder-Mifflin has a branch in Albany?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my 8 year old baby

If you are waiting to see more Nipper pics, don't worry, they are coming.

p.s. I've come to realize my nickel donuts from earlier this month were really a good deal. In the weeks since, I've looked on the day old cart, and everytime they've now stuffed 4 donuts in the same size container (instead of 3) with a regular price of $2.20 and only putting a ".50 off" coupon on it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Find Nipper. Like Where's Waldo, but a Nipper.

Ok, I said I would post a pic of Nipper. Here he is. Don't you see him?? He's right there. Click on the pic and it should enlarge for you.

More pics and more on my trip to NY soon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Dyngus Day

Happy Dyngus Day. If you didn't get awaken today by having a bucket of water poured on your head, don't worry, there's always next year. Same with Siena - better luck next year.

Well I am back from New York. I told you, right? I guess not. I tend to not mention vacations (or "anti-vacations" as my husband calls trips to NY) on the blog, until they are said and done.

I am tired after driving 500 miles today and I have to fill out some forms for Jacob to take to school tomorrow. So no new pics here today. But they will be worth the wait. I will show you a big Nipper. A huge Nipper. I think the biggest Nipper in the world actually.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Way to Go Siena!

I happened to be on the campus this a.m. Sorry for not blogging lately.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nickel (or less) Donuts

The thrift store was a disapointment today - I bought a few small things, but nothing to write blog about. Instead I'll show you my nickel donuts. MMMMMM donuts. I don't need any donuts, but for a nickel each, they won't go to waste. Regular price was $1.65 for a package of 3 donuts (.55 per donut) but each package had an "Oops we over-produced" sticker on them with a $1.50 coupon off each package. (The one package in the pic doesn't look like it had an "oops" sticker on it, but it did - when the cashier ripped the $1.50 coupon off, the whole sticker came off with it. So $1.65 - $1.50 = .15 per package or .05 per donut.

But what there's more. I got an additional 10% off my shopping order. The grocery store occasionally mails out coupons good for a free item and an additional discount off your total order. So....since I spent $.45 on the 3 packages of donuts, with that extra 10% off, it works out to be less than a nickel per donut.

The free item I got in this mailing was a for a free re-usable shopping bag (a .99 value). Plus, when I bring it back to the store to use it, the store credits my order .03 per each bag that I use. I must have about 8 of the re-usable bags that I have gotten free. But now I have so many, I use them for other things since I never fill up 8 bags in one shopping trip (they hold more than the usual plastic grocery bag).

Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Favs from last week's American Idol

My other favs of this season is Michael Johns and Ramiele. I know many people like that young David Archeleta. I am not a fan. He is too much of a lip licker. Licks his lips when he sings. Drives me nuts. Another thing that drives me nuts is when singers grip and re-grip their microphone. Carrie Underwood is a prime example. I think she would have a hard time singing if she wasn't able to hold onto a microphone while doing so (and constantly be gripping and re-gripping it) when she sings.

Friday, March 07, 2008

A Message Board is Born (almost)

Since the message board has been down since yesterday morning, tomorrow night I will start the back-up board. I am still not 100% sure I want it to be our full-time board, but we'll play it by ear and see how it goes. The new board is not tweeked exactly how it should be so its not set in stone and changes will be ongoing.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Collection is Born

Was at Smile today and snagged this Saltines tin (the one on the right) for .50 to add to the two others I have. So now it's official, its a collection since there are at least 3 of them. The one I got from today is only from 1987 (which I remember as being a very good year).

Also picked up another Rachael Ray cookbook for .50 - I will have to put a bunch of them up together as a lot on ebay. And last week I forgot to mention this bargain a big half-full bucket of laundry soap for $2.

While at the grocery story this morning I found yet another instant lottery game ticket just sitting there in the vending machine slot, waiting for me to take it. I don't understand how this happens - people apparently put $2 in the machine and then somehow FORGET to take the lottery ticket they paid for??? I don't get it, but now my eyes are trained to look at the lottery machine vending machine when I walk past it. This ticket, however, turned out to be a loser. At least I didn't waste $2 on it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Enter the Yardsalequeen Contest!

This is a first for me. Bruce Littlefield, the author of Garage Sale America asked me months and months ago if I ever considered running a contest on my site. No I hadn't actually, but that got me thinking. He said he'd donate a prize and then I got in touch with the ladies at Sassy Signs and they loved the idea and wanted to donate a prize.

And then I figured I could throw in some goodies - and ta-da - a contest is born.
I even went all high tech and had this banner professionally made (haha)