Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Collection is Born

Was at Smile today and snagged this Saltines tin (the one on the right) for .50 to add to the two others I have. So now it's official, its a collection since there are at least 3 of them. The one I got from today is only from 1987 (which I remember as being a very good year).

Also picked up another Rachael Ray cookbook for .50 - I will have to put a bunch of them up together as a lot on ebay. And last week I forgot to mention this bargain a big half-full bucket of laundry soap for $2.

While at the grocery story this morning I found yet another instant lottery game ticket just sitting there in the vending machine slot, waiting for me to take it. I don't understand how this happens - people apparently put $2 in the machine and then somehow FORGET to take the lottery ticket they paid for??? I don't get it, but now my eyes are trained to look at the lottery machine vending machine when I walk past it. This ticket, however, turned out to be a loser. At least I didn't waste $2 on it.


~Dawn said...

I've always been of the theory that if I am going to be lucky enough to win the lottery, then I will be lucky enough to find the winning ticket!

Kimberly said...

I'll have to keep my eyes open when I walk past the lotto machines now... I never even considered that someone would leave a ticket... kind of like leaving your money in the ATM.. I just can't imagine it..

I remember as a kid my dad had those tins sitting around his kitchen... pretty cool.

ohhollyf said...

Hey my son loves the lights on those machines, i'll learn to love them too if i find a winner.