Thursday, March 27, 2008

Re-cap of my trip to NY

Jacob and I spent the week before Easter at my mom's in upstate NY. Got there on St. Patrick's day and found out the local chain of convenience stores were giving away a free ice cream cone to anyone wearing green. There are two Stewart's within a half mile of my mom's house. wink wink.

Oh I forgot to mention - on the drive up, I tried taking a picture of one of my favorite signs. It says "Gross Used Cars". Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the sign I wanted to, instead I got their other sign.

It was still winter in New York and they still had lots of pretty winter snow scenes.

Kids still had school there, so I was able to take Jacob to kid-related places and not have a mob scene. Went bowling (using the Banquet bowling coupons), Chuck E. Cheese and Jeepers

And Easter in NY wouldn't be complete without getting Paska bread from the Polish bakery. Here's pics of other stuff they had for sale:

My brother and his wife live in Albany, and when I went to visit them, I was driving right past Siena College - who upset Vandy in the NCAA tournament, so I stopped by and took a pic. My brother is a Siena alumni and I have a cousin who is a Vanderbilt alumni.

While in Albany, we went to an observatory (free). I hadn't been there in years and thought Jacob would enjoy it - he did.

A pic of Eliot Spitzer's former residence (weird coloring in pic is due to a glass reflection, even tho I had turned the flash off):

Wow - it's getting late and I got things to do today. The Nipper pics will have to wait, maybe later tonight. Gee, I thought everyone knew who Nipper is!

P.S. Did you know that Dunder-Mifflin has a branch in Albany?


pianomomsicle said...

Didn't the Dunder-Mifflin Albany branch liquidate? :) i love that show!

Chris said...
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Chris said...

used to work for a book publisher in Albany ( so I know there is a need for paper supplies in Albany. So I doubt they liquidated - Wikipedia is still showing Albany as having a Dunder-Mifflin branch so it has to be right.

9:55 AM, March 28, 2008

pianomomsicle said...

Oh, i didn't know there actually was a Dunder Mifflin. i thought it was fictional! Good to know!

Chris said...

Of course Dunder Mifflin is real - just ask Pam and Jim at the Scranton branch and they will tell ya! :)