Saturday, September 01, 2012

My summer vacation with boyfriend Drew Lachey (and others)

Here it is September already and I've neglected - tsk tsk - to share my vacation pictures with you.  I know you have been patiently waiting.  We took another California trip earlier in the summer with a side trip to Vegas baby.  While in Vegas I got to spend more time with my online boyfriend Drew Lachey.  I told him about our relationship (in case he wasn't aware) and he seemed ok with it.  So here are a bunch of pics.  I will do a Part II tomorrow with more pics - you know - just typical vacation pics like of me rubbing elbows with with the cast of Storage Wars etc etc.

My favorite pool at Mandalay Bay.  Two years ago when we were there I did not know about this off-the-beaten-path pool (South Lagoon Pool).  I don't feel the need to be around screaming 2 year old tourists at the main pool.  

 When driving around, I spotted the sign for Rick's Restorations so we stopped in and got a free tour.
 Me and Drew Lachey again.  It was like we hadn't even been apart.
If you spend money, you can can spin the big wheel at the Price is Right Live! Show in Las Vegas. 

Went to the California Science Center which was near the coliseum. 

 California Science Center
 Santa Monica
 Santa Monica. The drive back from Santa Monica to San Pedro (where we stayed) was sucky. 
 The pool at MIL's condo.  Catalina Island in the background.  Never got tired of going swimming there.
Somehow I convinced my DH to go to a flea market.  It was something, that's for sure.  I did not buy a casket.  
Also convinced my DH to go to the Torrance Antique Faire, which I liked.  I have a video of it that I need to upload to youtube.

 At the flea market.  Jacob's butt is drawn to empty chairs.  
At least he doesn't feel the need to lay down at the flea market.
Lots and lots of spray paint.  
Another chair not going to waste. 
 Palos Verdes
 Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes.
We had a stowaway with us on vacation.  Our local Chick-fil-a is having a summer vacation photo contest so our plushie cow got lots of photos taken.

Part II coming soon.