Thursday, September 14, 2017

Save money on Gas by using free Shell Rewards Card

With the high price of gas now, the way I save money is by using my Shell Fuel Rewards card It's not a credit card, it's just like a frequent shoppers card like you have at CVS or Walgreens. I save .05 a gallon of gas, plus I always buy my gas on Thursdays when my local Shell has an additional .05 off per gallon.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

TV Show looking for people holding upcoming Estate Sales

I got an email from a tv producer asking that I pass it along. So here it goes. Hopefully my blogging slump is over.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

testing testing

Is this thing on? Hello hello can you hear me now?

Monday, May 16, 2016

DIY Project turn old bbq grill into gardening center

I was talking with a friend recently and told her how I turned my old bbq propane gas grill into a gardening center and figured I should share it here too. I see old bbq grills for free or dirt cheap at yardsales, so if you don't have an old grill, it shouldn't be too hard to find one.

I just gutted the insides, plugged the holes where the propane lines used to be, and filled with potting soil. Ta-da! My barebones gardening center. You can get fancy and add hooks and stuff and store gardening utensils etc.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

In memory of Joey Martin from Joey + Rory Feek

In memory of the talented and beautiful Joey Martin of the Joey + Rory country music duo, here are some photos and videos I took years ago when they were the opening act for Josh Turner.

Monday, February 01, 2016

World's Best Rolling Thrift Store on Wheels!

Ok, granted I have only been to one thrift store on wheels, but I am going to declare it the World's Best Rolling thrift store on wheels (that I have been to).

It's a tractor trailer that is thrift store inside! It comes around my area about once a month and stays for a weekend - then it's off to the next location. They call it a "Mobile Compassion Center" but it's really a thrift store on wheels. But if you wanted to talk religion while there, you could do that too since they have a little chapel too. And if you were needy, I think they would give you whatever you needed at no cost. Most clothes are only $1 each.

Schedule for the rolling thrift store

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Join LivingSocial and save money on your first deal

If you are not a member of LivingSocial yet and want to try it out - use this link and get $10 off your first purchase of $20 or more.

Living Social $10 Deal Link

This special offer is for new members only. You actually don't have to buy anything - you can always just check out to see what offers are in your area. I also use Living Social deals to check out offers in other areas - like say I am going on vacation, I will view offers in other cities and see if they have any deals I want to take part of when I am visiting other cities. I'm actually using a Living Social deal this weekend and going to our local winery for wine tastings and a bottle of wine to take home.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

a recap of 2015. The year my head exploded.

2015 will be remembered by me as the year my husband quit his job and the year my head exploded. Well not my entire head, just a part of it. Mr. Yardsalequeen is calling it a retirement, I am calling it quitting. Who quits a hefty six figure income job? My husband, that's who. And we have to plan on providing for Jacob for the rest of his life - since he is a special needs child and I don't see him ever making a six figure income.

That that means my husband is home with me EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. And he doesn't like thrift stores nor does he want me going to thrift stores or yardsales. So did I mention he is here with me, every single day. That means all the time.

In a totally unrelated topic, I have been binge watching the tv show "Snapped". Yep, totally unrelated.

About a month after he quit his job, I noticed one of my eyes wasn't seeing quite the same, so after the fiasco with his quitting and losing our health insurance, I had to wait to see an eye doctor. When I looked out of both eyes, I could see fine, but if I closed one eye, I could tell the difference. The doc told me I had a retina vein occlusion and would need shots in my eye to possibly help. Basically a vein exploded in my eye, causing the cloudiness. I think it is caused by stress. Was it a coincidence that my head exploded a month after Mr. YSQ quits his job? I don't think so. I think they are related. My eyes were fine when he was working. And the shots that get put directly in my eyeball have helped, so my vision seems back to normal. But it is something that will need ongoing maintenance.

What a fun 2015. But at least I had a few good months in there the first half of the year.

The struggle is real.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Yep, I'm still here

And I did see Rachael Ray and got to talk to her for a second. Sorry for the lack of posts in forever.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I got tickets to see Rachael Ray!

Wow, I can't believe this is my first post in 2015. I will blame in on a writer's block or perhaps laziness.

As usual, I will be taking a trip to upstate NY for Jacob's spring break to visit family. Anyhow I saw that when I will be there, there will be a charity fundraising event with Rachael Ray. So I sent my sister on a mission today to buy tickets. She said people had been camping out since midnight. Luckily she got us tickets before they got sold out.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Frequent Shopper Card Tip

I just added another frequent shopper card to my keychain the other day and counted them up. 20. That's normal right, for a person who mainly shops at yardsales and thrift stores? Two are library key cards (one for myself and one is Jacob's). So really, it's only 18. How many frequent shopper cards do you have on your keychain? (Yes, there is 20 on my keychain, you just can't see them all in the photo).

Here's a tip on protecting your shopper cards - put a piece of clear tape over the UPC code - that will prevent the UPC code from wearing away.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bad Facebook Online Yard Sale Photos part 1

In addition to selling stuff on ebay and at real yardsales, I've joined a few local yard sale Facebook groups where I sell stuff. If you're on Facebook, I bet there is a local Facebook group in your area where people post pics of their used stuff they want to sell.

Anyhow, it just blows me away that a lot of times, people don't take the time to post a good photo of their item for sale. Over the past couple of months I've seen tons of awful photos. And I've saved them to my computer, for your viewing pleasure/disgust.

Tip #1 - I don't want to see your feet. How hard is it to take a photo and not have your feet in the photo? If for some reason you are incapable of not doing that - take 5 seconds and crop your nasty feet out of the photo. Here are real photos of actual items I've seen for sale locally. The woman with her entire legs in the photos - she explained she took a photo of her foot on a stepping stone she was selling - so potential buyers could judge the size. As if we knew how big her foot was.

Future blog posts of "bad photos I've seen on facebook online yardsale groups" will feature "Other body parts I don't want to see in your photo" and "Wow, and I thought my house was messy"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scratched seeing Oprah off my bucket list, flea market in TN and other news

Just a quick post to let you know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Will be back to blogging shortly. I got a lot to talk about- like seeing Oprah, hitting a huge flea market in Tennessee, going to the American Pickers store in Nashville, and so far this year I have had a ton of yardsales.

One of my long time internet friends (and friend in real life) started a Facebook page about bargain shopping. Check it out at Skokie Shopper Although she is based near Chicago, she is always out and about shopping wherever she goes - it could be in Hawaii, Florida or NYC etc etc etc!

I'll be back to blogging soon.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My Craigslist White Gold Wedding Band set with diamonds bargain purchase!

I got married back in the Stone Ages known as the 80's and at the time I jut wanted a simple yellow gold wedding band and my engagement ring was a plain yellow gold band with a solitaire diamond. Well after several years of being married, somehow my wedding band shrunk and got too tight to wear. Funny how that happens. So for years I've just been wearing my engagement ring which got so thin that the band actually cracked and got deformed.

I went to a fancy jewelry store that was having a special on a $1 watch battery replacement so I took a very nice watch I plan on selling on ebay to get a $1 battery (of course I bought the men's Elgin watch still new in case, at a yardsale for cheap). I showed the saleswoman my sad looking engagement ring and she told me that it's a miracle that I haven't lost the diamond due to the flattened prongs and she told me that I shouldn't wear it.

So later that day, for the heck of it, I decided to check Craigslist and I see a gorgeous ring set made of white gold (which I wanted since I think yellow gold is sooo '80s) with mini diamonds in the band and it had no solitaire. Original receipt said the set cost $2450 without a center diamond. Long story short - a local woman had bought the set with her then fiance with the intention of putting her mother's solitaire in the center. The wedding didn't take place and now the woman just wanted $550 for the set. She wanted to meet at a public place, so I recommended to meet at the jewelry store where she purchased the set so I could talk to the jeweler. So we set up a time to meet and I asked the jeweler if the set could be resized for my finger and my diamond placed in the center. When he said yes, I handed the woman $550 in cash and left the rings at the store for the work to be done. So I did have to pay a bit more for the resizing and new head for my diamond (original head was for a marquis cut stone). But still, all in all, I am very pleased with my Craiglist wedding set bargain! And now I can sell my old set for scrap gold.

My old cracked deformed rings (diamond taken out at jewelers)

picture that was in the Craigslist ad

My new Craigslist Wedding Band set with my diamond installed.  The two pics look a little different but that is due to the seller taking the original pic her camera/lighting and my pic taken with my own camera and lighting.
Original receipt from jewelers

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guess who just bought a new wedding band set on Craiglist for a steal??

Me! Pics to come. My old 25 year old wedding band set had seen better days, for sure.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Don't worry, I am not dead.

My poor neglected bloggy - I have missed you! But don't worry, I am back. No, I didn't actually go anywhere. One thing I have been doing during this bloggy break - which may be hard to believe - is that I have been decluttering. And guess what? I don't like it, it goes against my beliefs to accumulate more more and MORE!

But I do like money, so that lessens the blow of decluttering and I've had several yardsales already this season. My plan is to do more this year, not shop so much (acck!!!!!!!!!) and then once I declutter the house, I can start all over again :)

Anyhow, a bit of news, is mentioned in the May 2014 issue of Real Simple. Here is the cover incase you find yourself stuck in line at the grocery store and want to kill a few minutes. Starts on page 186.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My visit to a grocery auction

Last week I went to a local auction house that was having a grocery auction.  I hadn't been to a grocery auction in a very long time and wanted to go - just to check it out, of course.  I am into couponing and studying grocery store sales flyers so I really didn't need to buy anything.  But I ended up spending $6.  It was interesting and not everything was a good deal.  I spent $6.  $2 each - package of pork chops and $1 each two tubs of  Marzetti caramel dip. 

What I didn't like was that since they sell stuff so quickly - the auctioneer may not always give an accurate description.  People where buying cases of Twix candy bars, but when I saw them being passed out, I saw they were Twix Peanut Butter flavored Twix, not the awesome caramel. (They had more than one carton of the Twix, so when that happens other bidders can also score some cases at the same price as the winning bidder.

On all the items I purchased, they had a ton of the cases of the items. So the auctioneer would do the auction like normal.   But then he would just say "oh that's too much, how about $1 each - who wants some for $1 each?  And then people would raise their auction card - so many people could get the same deal. 

One thing to keep in mind when going to a live auction is that there is always a fee called a "buyer's premium" that is a percentage fee (for example 10%) that is tacked on to your total that you spent).  Also for the food auction, while many items were still well within the expiration date, there was a bunch of stuff that was expired (by about a month) or close to expiring.  One thing I know I will never buy is expired sodas.  Or cases of expired chips that look like an elephant sat on them.    Having said that, I can't wait to go to the next grocery auction!   

This picture of of a lot of pork or meat products - a 50 lb slab of pork, a ham, some steaks and other stuff went for about $125.  As you see in the video - people bring coolers for their frozen stuff. 

My haul ($2 each porkchops, $1 each Marzetti caramel dip and bottle of juice (free) - a brand I have never heard of.   I asked another customer in my aisle if I could take a look at the juice and since she had gotten so many, she gave one to me.  She had bought one of the big meat lots of over $100 and they thru in a dozen bottles or so of the juice.    The auctioneer had initially sold them for $3 a bottle but had so many leftover that they combined the leftovers with her meat auction. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well crap, there goes my New Years resolution

Happy New Year everyone - did I tell you my resolution for the new year?  Well it is to blog more.  So I guess you can figure out how well that is working out for me.   Will try better.  But quantity is not always better than quality.  Just noticed that this is my 1100 blog post.    And a few of them weren't too bad.  

Went to my first yardsale of the year - if you like yardsalequeen page on Facebook, you would have already known that my first yardsale (indoor church yardsale) purchase was a can of Unicorn meat for .10

Well it's nice to get back into the blogging saddle after a break - will chat with you again soon.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nabisco Ritz Crackers - downsized

Yesterday was Festivus - a beautiful holiday for airing grievances. (Personally I think everyday should be Festivus)  Well I'm a day late but here's a grievance.   Have you noticed as I have, that Nabisco Ritz Crackers have downsized their box? A box used to contain 15.1 oz and now it's 13.7 oz.

Bah Humbug!  And Merry Christmas eve everyone.  And belated Festivus. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Money Article in All You Magazine

Back in July, I was interviewed for an in All You magazine. I remember the writer saying the article would not appear until sometime in the fall.  So since I have a subscription to All You (free with my coke rewards points), I've been checking every month but nothing.

But then just the other day,  the January 17, 2014 issue showed up in my mailbox with "How to Raise Cash in a Flash" article and knew that was it.

So I turn to the article and read the first page.  Nope, don't see yardsalequeen mentioned anywhere.

So I go to the second page and read thru that.  Still no yardsalequeen.

So I get to the final page and STILL NO YARDSALEQUEEN!  What's up with that???

Then I look again - why there it is!  Yippee!!! I found it - what do you mean you don't see it?  It's right there in black and white in -4 font size.

Just get your magnifying glass out.  I can't wait to count how many millions of people this will bring to the website.  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

New actual blog post

It may seem like I haven't blogged in a while, but I was trying something new. I haven't forgotten about you my dear blog readers. Instead of this old fashioned way of blogging, I've been trying to send my blog posts telepathically. Did you get them? I've sent you a ton of messages. I said I was busy buying stuff at the thrift stores and wished you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

I do miss this old fashioned way of blogging though, so I think I will start writing more regular blogs posts soon.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Project Completed - Old Sewing Machine table refinished

So you may have been wondering where the heck have I been? Well no where exciting really, just the usual thrifting, yardsales and junk like that.

Since my last posting, I did complete a project. Remember back in January, when I had my first thrift store buy of the year $5 Sewing Machine Table? Well since I bought it to refinish and give to my mother as a gift, I figured I'd better get it done before Christmas.

Here is another picture of it with different lighting

And after:

And my after picture is not 100% done (but close). I have since put some clear protective polyurethane (or whatever it was) on it.

I'm so glad to get this project done. As much as I like how it came out, I really hate the work of refinishing.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oprah Winfrey Biggest Yard Sale Ever - I am taking credit for it!

Oprah recently announced on Twitter that she is going to have the biggest yard sale ever and guess what? I'm taking credit for her decision to have a yard sale. I know it can't just be a coincidence that she and I both appear in the June 2013 issue of Essence magazine where I gave some awesome advice on how to have a successful yard sale and get rid of clutter. And then shortly thereafter she decides to have one??

Now I'm just waiting for her people to call my people so she can fly me to her estate so I can take command of the yard sale situation for her.

Oprah - I'm waiting!!!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Loreal and Flower Ass

I think I may need a retail intervention. Been spending way too much shopping retail. Just look at my receipt from the other week. Did I really need Loreal and Flower Ass? No, but I bought it anyway.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I love Dexter on Showtime - but -

am I the only one who thinks the writing and scenarios these last few episodes have gone downhill??? For instance in the episode the other night when Dr. Vogel got the knife and Dexter ran in to hug her. Did he not think that her son who was there just a second ago could be ready to get him too? And when Hannah took Harrison to the emergency room, did she not think to throw on a ball-cap, wear a pair of glasses - you know anything to hide her identity??? And of course, it's ok for her to sit outside on the patio for anyone to see her.

I had to get this off my chest. We will go back to our regular programming about junk and stuff and yardsales shortly.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Oprah, Denise Richards and me

What do we have in common? We were all interviewed for articles in the below pictured magazines. Why neither one of them has contacted me to do lunch, I do not understand. Maybe I should take matters in my own hands and have my people call their people. I'm still catching up on things I should have mentioned long ago. The articles were in Essence magazine 2013 (article starting on page 83) and First For Women Sept 2, 2013 (article on page 93). These issues are no longer on the magazine racks, but maybe you may spot them in the doctor's office waiting room. Or for sale at a garage sale for a quarter (I always see people trying to sell magazines at a yardsale. Tip: If I see old magazines for sale at a yardsale, I always look for old issues of Domino magazine to sell on eBay.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota (vacation??)

Back in June, my entourage and I took a trip to Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Some people would call that a vacation, but when you are doing a roadtrip to visit relatives, it's more like a trip. A vacation is when you fly or cruise somewhere warm and have beverages with little umbrellas in them.

Well we did a bunch of stuff and I took a bunch of pics. I will try to get some sort of order.

My mother-in-law took me to a place called the Yellow Barn.  It was a barn full of stuff for sale.  What was unusual about the place was that it was a combination thrift store/golf driving range/ and bar for old men.

Outside of the Yellow Barn

Old men enjoying themselves at the bar.

Somewhere in some small town in Wisconsin

At a park across the street from our hotel.  Did not use El Stinko's facilities but I don't think they will ever be sued for false advertising. 
While in Minneapolis - I saw this and yelled PRINCE!!!! ooooh oooooooh!
Jacob sporting a .25 Twins (TC is for Twin Cities) hat - purchased the day before at a thrift store. There were some pretty good thrift stores in Wisconsin and I found some good buys including a vintage blue portable typewriter that is destined for ebay.    That is one advantage over flying, you can haul back as much junk as your car can hold. 
My mother in law's friend's antique store.  When visiting the metropolis known as Siren, Wisconsin, I highly recommend that you visit The Grey Parrot Antique Store and if you see the owner - a lovely lady named Peeta, tell her the yardsalequeen says hi. 

The Grey Parrot - a small cute shop with a ton of stuff crammed in. 

Including a grey parrot, of course.

We stayed at two different hotels while in Wisconsin - The Lodge at Crooked Lake was one of them.

The had a huge pool, but the temp was sorta chilly.  I asked one of the front desk clerks if they ever raised the temperature up a notch or so. Her response was, and I quote "We don't like to dick around much with the temperature". 

Lots of dead animals as decor.

This is as close to camping as I will get. 
One day we went to a cheese festival at Burnett Dairy .  My kinda place!  At the festival, they had lots of free samples, bands, contests, and lots of cheese etc.  They even had samples of the cheese that they make that is $49.99 a pound.  I guess I am not much of a cheese connoisseur because I would take some fried cheese curds over $49.99 cheese anyday.  
Best part of the dairy festival was ....drum roll ... they had a yard sale!  Well sorta like a yardsale at least.  The dairy place also owns a hardware store and they all sorts of stuff for sale at 75% off.  Yes, even at a hardware yard sale, I can find stuff that I needed to buy and come home with me.
And in Wisconsin, I hit a few yardsales. 
From the looks at that warped table, I'm guessing it wasn't their first yardsale. 
Stuff in the barn was for sale too.
And even did a little bit of retail shopping. The small town had a Ben Franklin.  The owner explained it had gone out of business years ago but someone new purchased the trademark name and opened some stores back up.

Unfortunately I missed the Thrift Store Party that was being advertised in the newspaper. 
Nearby small town of Minong Wisconsin is home to the Jack Links jerky company.  We found the store that sells all the factory seconds and overruns.  Nothing but second best for my husband!
Carts o' jerky. 
Also went to a Muskie (fish) festival.  Apparently it's a fish you don't eat.  So it wasn't like they were selling Muskie fish fries or anything.  It was in the town of Hayward, Wisconsin.  That was a cool little town. 
Time to make the candy in Hayward.
Thrift and antiqes store in Hinckley, Minnesota.  I think I bought a small Christmas troll there for my collection.

Brat Sale
I hope you enjoy this picture.  We probably got undiagnosed Lyme disease traipsing thru the weeds for this photo shoot.
Day trip to Duluth Minnesota.  Lift Bridge is in the background. 
Pool at the second hotel we stayed at St. Croix Casino.   Because a family trip isn't complete unless we stay at least a  few nights at a casino. 
Chillin in the Leinie Lounger. 
St. Croix Casino in Danbury, Wisconsin.  Not St. Croix in St. Croix.  boo hoo.
On the way home.  My Chicagoland contesting friend Susan hooked us up on the VIP floor at the hotel near her house thru a contest she had won.  

here's a little video I took while standing underneath the Lift Bridge in Duluth while it was lowering.

 By January, I hope to post about our trip we took in August.