Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Years?  Maybe.  Oh well I just did anyway.

Same old same old going on here at the castle.  I did an interview the other week, I think for Woman's World magazine - it should be out sometime in June.

Been visiting my mom in upstate NY more frequently.  Trying to help clear out some stuff for her and take to her appointments etc.  She lives real close to an Ocean State Job Lots and Harbor Freight store, so when I visit, I make time to get some good deals at those stores.

I volunteer at a local music venue during the summer, so this summer I'll be seeing Kane Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, and Brett Eldredge.  Then will be seeing both Kane and Brett a second time, when I go to Nashville for the CMA Fest in June. I have family in Nashville - I used to spend my summers as a teen there.  It's a great time with my Nashville cousins and also my sister who flies down from NY.

Talk to you again in 2020!  Just kidding.  I think.