Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nobody wants to buy your pee stained mattress

If you are thinking of trying to sell your pee stained mattress at a yardsale, save some time and don't bother.

I don't think I specifically put that on my yardsale tips page but I guess I need to.

p.s. my apologies for not posting a picture of actual pee stained mattress. I did not have my camera with me this morning and haven't figure out out to download pics off my $2 semi-smart phone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update on the exciting world of Yardsale Queen

So before March ends, I figured I'd better at least grace my blog with my presence at least once! So to quickly update everyone on my status, here goes. I've been busy, as usual. Buying stuff and more stuff.

And in sad news, my local fav grocery store fixed their prices. There was a glitch on certain items in the store which made certain things cheap. For instance, certain brands of laundry detergent were ringing up at $1 a bottle (when it should have been $2.99) and another brand that was ringing up at $1.72 instead of the normal $6.89 price. I think I'm the only one who realized it. I am still in mourning. I was a dreaded shelf-clearer many times over and over. And I did donate a lot to the local no-kill animal shelter since laundry detergent is always on their wish list.

The past few days there was a ginormous multi-day estate sale going on, so I went to that and took pics. Didn't buy anything too exciting there. For a 10 bedroom, 11 bath house (plus a urinal) the most exciting thing I found was a $1 purchase on a vintage tin of bandaids for my vintage bandaid tin collection.

The house is so damn big, it's tiring for me to think about what a pain in the ass it would be to maintain. Or say if you forgot something, how the heck are you go to remember where you last put something? Who wants to clean 11 toilets? Not me.