Saturday, December 29, 2018

Yardsalequeen 2018 Recap Chick-fil-A campout, yardsale stuff and etc

Hey there, remember me?  The person who used to make awesome blog posts and keep you entertained?  Sorry for my absence.  Been a busy year.  Let's see if I can remember what happened this year.

My little baby boy, the one I used to post cute pictures of grew up and graduated high school this year.  He got his driver's license in June 2017 (first attempt, which was way better than me!)  In his senior year, he took sign language and even though he really hated it at first, he ended up being on stage at the graduation ceremony signing the National Anthem with his classmates.   So glad that I never have to sit thru an IEP meeting ever again! And so proud of him for getting his diploma since it's been a long road since he started school at age 2.5 (after starting speech therapy at 1.5 years old).   He's now working at a very nice super fancy residential community for elderly residents and he loves it.

We took a trip to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Niagara Falls and Toronto to see the Nats lose against the BlueJays (boo!!) for his graduation gift.

Been busy selling junk and stuff at the weekly fleamarket during nice weather.  Glad that they've been keeping space rental at a very reasonable $10 a spot.

A new Chick-fil-A opened nearby and I participated in the First 100 Campout, earning me 52 free meals to eat in 2019.  This just happened in November and it was so cold and windy! In the 20's.  But was proud of myself for doing it all alone, since Mr. YSQ and my offspring are not as hearty as moi and didn't want to do it.  So that earned me 52 free meals at $6.59 a meal.  Well worth it!  Despite the cold, it was so much fun being with the other campers and participating in the game.  Would definitely do it again if I had the chance.

Trying to think what else has happened......been busy playing HQ Trivia on my phone.  (You need to download the HQ Trivia app.  If you do, please use my referral name yardsalequeen and I'll get a bonus life.  I won just the other night a whopping .51  But it's the accomplishment of actually winning that is important and the money is just a bonus.

I saw some concerts this year....Chris Janson, Jake Owen, George Thorogood and Brad Paisley.   I think that was my third time seeing Brad (other two times were in Nashville).

As far as 2019, I know I have a girls trip to Nashville planned.  I have family in Nashville so been trying to go every two years.  And I plan on selling more stuff at the flea market.  Oh I almost forgot, I bought myself a She Shed this year for my stuff and I love it.

And I'm sure we will be making more visits to Nats stadium in 2019.  We went a few times in 2018, and the best being when I won $200 a seat tickets courtesy of a local heating/plumbing company.  Gotta love free food and adult beverages!   And then in August, we met Cal Ripkin Jr when he was having an appearance at a local restaurant.  We are definitely Nats fans, but it was fun to meet Cal.  And Jacob made a trip to Vikings stadium (really just because Mr. YSQ wanted to go).  

I'll be back here in 2019!  I promise.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Two Canadian Myths have been debunked

I just got back from trip to Cleveland (Rock N Roll Hall of Fame then to Niagara Falls (Canadian side) and Toronto. Then a few days in upstate NY to visit family. I've been to Canada before but never to Toronto. I've heard rumors that Toronto is a super clean city. So clean that if you accidently dropped a piece of paper on the ground, someone would be around to pick up that piece of paper shortly. It was supposedly that clean. Nope - Toronto has the typical litter on the sidewalks of any major city. Secondly, the myth that all Canadians are super nice. Came across lots of rude Canadians at Rogers Centre.

Glad to be back home!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Look for yardsalequeen in Woman's World next month

I did an interview with Women's World magazine (a magazine normally found near the checkout aisles in grocery stores) for an upcoming article to appear sometime in May. Once I find out when it is, I will make an update.

Yardsale season has been super slow this year but actually held one last Saturday. I've held yardsales in various places but this was my first yardsale held in a ballroom of a hotel. It worked out really well. More later.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

HQ Trivia referral code: yardsalequeen

I've become semi addicted to playing the HQ Trivia game every day. I haven't even gotten close to winning but so...I could use some referrals for some free "lives". My referral code is yardsalequeen if you download the app and start playing.

Now that I finally have a smart phone, I am able to have apps and stuff. I remember years ago I would get emails from app maker people asking me to try out their yardsale related apps and I had to tell them, thanks but no thanks.

My smartphone is actually a Tracphone from Home Shoppping Network. When people see it they are amazed that it is a Tracphone because they think of the Tracphone flip phone of the past and haven't seen how great they are now (NOT the ones you buy at Walmart...its the ones from HSN that have all the bells and whistles).

I was interviewed for Woman's World magazine and an upcoming yardsaling article will appear in a May issue. When I know for sure I will post.

So anyway...just thought I would drop a note and say hi and that I am still here!!!!