Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Project Completed - Old Sewing Machine table refinished

So you may have been wondering where the heck have I been? Well no where exciting really, just the usual thrifting, yardsales and junk like that.

Since my last posting, I did complete a project. Remember back in January, when I had my first thrift store buy of the year $5 Sewing Machine Table? Well since I bought it to refinish and give to my mother as a gift, I figured I'd better get it done before Christmas.

Here is another picture of it with different lighting

And after:

And my after picture is not 100% done (but close). I have since put some clear protective polyurethane (or whatever it was) on it.

I'm so glad to get this project done. As much as I like how it came out, I really hate the work of refinishing.