Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Subscription to OK! Magazine either $77.52 or $4.84

I've gotten so many free subscriptions to magazines from but I was searching eBay weeks ago for magazine subscriptions and came across a 2 year weekly subscription to Ok! magazine (a cheesy celebrity gossip rag) for $5.99 so I figured what the heck, I'll splurge and actually pay for a magazine for a change. So I ordered it and it just started coming in the mail this week (when you order magazines thru a seller on ebay, sometimes it takes several weeks for it to start). What I found was amazing was that in the magazine there was a card offering a 2-for-1 deal, buy one year for $77.52 (!!!!!!) and your friend gets 51 issues (one year) free. Is anyone actually crazy and stupid enough to do that?

I just checked ebay and there are sellers now offering 2 a year (weekly) subscription for only $4.84 - so now i am feeling ripped off that I *overpaid* $5.99 for it - haha.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pet Peeve about cashiers

First let me say I've been a cashier at many jobs in my life (Burger King, Opryland, Bradlee's etc) and now I'm the cashier at all my yardsales. The thing that drives me nuts is how some cashiers give you change back - they make a pile of the dollar bills, receipt on top of that, and then pile up all the change and give you the whole mess at once. The cashiers at my local KFC always do that and it drives me nuts (which happened tonight so that's why I am blogging about it). And then to even top that off the whole mess gets put in your left hand at the drive-thru (and since I'm right handed, my left is the lesser coordinated)

When I have a yardsale and let's say the customer's total is $2.75 and they pay with a $20 bill, this what I say when giving back change: quarter makes $3, four, five, five makes ten and ten makes twenty. I give the coin(s) back first - that way they have a second to put the change in a pocket if they want, then the bills.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update on old fridge

I forgot to mention, I sold our old refrigerator for $100. I placed a free online ad at a local community type website.

"saved" $83.93 at the grocery store the other day

Did my weekly grocery trip to Giant Food the other day and used a bunch of coupons. The receipt shows the total was $114.23 but after the sales and coupons were deducted, I only paid $31.01

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spending spree

We've kinda been on a little spending spree lately. First the fridge - got the bill the other day, it was $848. But we put it on our Discover bill which has the cash back bonus. And we religiously pay off our bills every month. Last night someone came by and bought our old refrigerator for $100 cash. I put a free ad online for it. Plus we'll be getting about $20 gift card from Best Buy for buying the fridge and using their rewards program. They used to charge for their rewards program but when we bought the fridge, they said its now free to join so we signed up and will be getting a giftcard in the mail from them.

We've been needing a second cellphone. So I bought a new fancy one on ebay for $150 and a sim card with 150 minutes ($8). We use T-mobile but we don't get good reception at our house (a problem with many of the cell providers in our area).

To save money, we changed the service plan with T-mobile on my phone. We had been paying about $25 a month for very limited daytime minutes and unlimited weekends. (the main reason I have the cell phone is just for emergencies incase the school needs to call me while I'm out shopping).

So I changed it to T-mobile's prepaid service (with no monthly fees) and just bought $100 worth of minutes (1000 minutes) that will be good for a year. So instead of paying $300 a year for my cellphone, it will be just $100.

Oh and my husband bought a beemer. A 2002 BMW motorcycle that he found on ebay (has less less 7,000 miles on it). Paid cash for it. Will sell his old motorcycle, a Kawasaki Concours which has about 40,000 miles on it.

Looking forward to this Saturday - there's an indoor yardsale that should be good.