Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bad Facebook Online Yard Sale Photos part 1

In addition to selling stuff on ebay and at real yardsales, I've joined a few local yard sale Facebook groups where I sell stuff. If you're on Facebook, I bet there is a local Facebook group in your area where people post pics of their used stuff they want to sell.

Anyhow, it just blows me away that a lot of times, people don't take the time to post a good photo of their item for sale. Over the past couple of months I've seen tons of awful photos. And I've saved them to my computer, for your viewing pleasure/disgust.

Tip #1 - I don't want to see your feet. How hard is it to take a photo and not have your feet in the photo? If for some reason you are incapable of not doing that - take 5 seconds and crop your nasty feet out of the photo. Here are real photos of actual items I've seen for sale locally. The woman with her entire legs in the photos - she explained she took a photo of her foot on a stepping stone she was selling - so potential buyers could judge the size. As if we knew how big her foot was.

Future blog posts of "bad photos I've seen on facebook online yardsale groups" will feature "Other body parts I don't want to see in your photo" and "Wow, and I thought my house was messy"


paterd said...

I see so many pics on ebay where they put the item on the floor (usually dirty). Uh, don't you know if you just use a low table you can take a decent picture!!

Barbara Gates said...

Someone on one of the thrifting sites I belong to posted a link to an ebay listing in which the man was butt naked while photographing his item. Because of the angle of the photo, I probably wouldn't have realized what I was seeing, but it was his "hoo-ha" -- and looked like "it" was happy to be in the photo, if you know what I mean! I can't even remember what item the man was selling, but it seemed to be a legitimate listing. (Oh, and I can't stand feet in photos either!)

Ree Cee said...

I agree - crop your friggin feet out for crying out loud!!! Lazzzzzzzy! I thought I was the only one grossed out by this weird phenomenon!

PS - I'm sure the foot fetish folks love this!

Pez Zep said...

Lol, some funny stuff...I also agree that one's feet in pic is tres gauche!!!

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