Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update for the last week or so

Well it's Wednesday, so that makes day number three of having lasagna for dinner. Aye yi yi, I made a monster sized lasagne on Monday and now on day 3, it's about half gone. I need to find (at a yardsale) a smaller sized lasagne pan. Someone should invent a lasagne pan that is just as long as a noodle is.

A quick update on what's been going on. Last Friday my son (and husband) had the day off from school/work so we went to the mall. Didn't buy a thing. Also test drove a Honda Ridgeline truck. My husband already has a truck (about 10 years old with only 40,000 miles on it) but was looking for an upgrade. My husband's other vehicle is a motorcycle so he drives that half the year or better. Ain't buying a Ridgeline. Crappy mileage and plus it was expensive ta boot.

On Saturday I sold junk and stuff at the local fairgrounds flea market. I figured it would be last chance for the year to sell at that one since the next two Saturdays I have other plans. I signed up to sell stuff at an indoor yardsale in December ($5 space). That will be a good one since people will be out Christmas shopping etc and many of the vendors bring crafts and stuff.

I made $125 on Saturday and then afterwards I went shopping at a huge flea market in another town. At the huge flea market there are a lot of professional vendors etc, most of them are not selling the stuff they got out of their basement. More like all the Made in China imports and knockoffs etc. There is a Farmer's Market part of the flea market too. The pictures above are pictures I took on Saturday.

If Heather from Lusby is reading this - I know I missed your yardsale on Saturday - I couldn't go since I was busy with my own at the fairgrounds.

Didn't do much on Sunday.

Monday is when I made that big ass lasagne along with a big batch of meat sauce. Then on Tuesday I made several (small) trays of stuffed shells and put them in the freezer. Today (Wednedsay) I did some grocery shopping and some other shopping.

I had a particularly good coupon day at Giant today, so I'm showing my receipt above. Most items were free cans of dog food that I had a bunch of coupons for.

Also went to Staples and bought 3 packages of Sharpie markers - amount paid: 0.00. The sale was a 5 pack of Sharpies for $3, so I bought three for a grand total of $9.00 plus tax, but after they deducted my three $3 Staple Ink Jet recycling coupons, the total went down to 0.00 and since there is no tax on 0.00, I didn't have to even pay tax.

Some of the Sharpies may be put towards a "prize pack" - I think I'm going to have my first ever contest on the website soon so I've been putting a few things together for a prize.

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