Saturday, October 06, 2007

Yardsale season slowing down

Yardsale season is starting to slow down a little - probably went to about 8 sales today. I could, of course, gone to more but didn't want to drive far.

As it turned out, the last yardsale I went to was the best, I spent a whopping $4.50 and got a ton of good stuff. It was at a waterfront house so an added benny was that Jacob got to have fun and throw crabapples into the Bay.

I haven't taken a picture of my buys, but here is what I got: .25 an Ikea cat tent like the one pictured above (no I don't have a cat but my brother and his wife have several so I will give it to them). $1 - set of cabinet drawer cubbyholes. You know how some cabinets (like kitchen sink cabinet) have the fake panels that look like drawers but in fact its not? Well these are little cubbyhole things that you can add to the fake panels to make them actually useful.

Also bought: $1 a two-pack of Fix-a-Flat. .25 large Tigger mug, .25 cute glass fan shaped vase, $1 little step stool. In my bathroom at the sink, I currently use my old step-aerobics step for Jacob to use to stand on. It does the job, but takes up a lot of room, I think this little step stool will be better. Free Burnes of Boston picture frame, .50 license plate frame that looks like little soda bottle caps all around it. But the best buy was a $2 two drawer filing cabinet.

I forgot to mention this but I had a good buy yesterday. Something I had been looking for since June (when I found out my son was going to a new school this fall). I wanted to buy a logo t-shirt from his school (but of course, not pay full price). Yesterday I found several at the thrift for $1 each, but only bought 1 since the others were too small.

In the afternoon I went to the Calvert Museum for their annual PRAD Festival It was nice to by myself and leisurely look at all the exhibits and the craft show. Will go back tomorrow with Jacob to watch the parade. Got to meet (again) former Maryland Senator Bernie Fowler and had him autograph a souvenir poster (a freebie) for Jacob. As he was autographing a poster for someone else, I noticed he didn't have a good pen, so I gave him the Sharpie I had.


Goobian said...

That was nice of you to give him your sharpie!

You reminded me of the funniest thing that happened to me at GW today. I saw a gray local little league shirt that was small obviously for a little kid. Then I pushed that aside to look at the next shirt and it was the exact same shirt but a little bigger! I looked to my side there was about 6 of the exact same shirt but they went from little to huge! The biggest shirt was 3x. Obviously someone working there thought it was a good idea to put them all together.

Anonymous said...

I have the same kitty tent and my cat LOVES it. You got a much better deal than I did...I got it at IKEA for $7.

Chris said...

Goobian - yes, exactly how I found the shirt. It was mixed in with the identical school shirts but in the small kid section where they put all of them. Even tho the shirt I bought was a kids 10/12

Anony- the nearest Ikea is about 76 miles away so I don't get to shop there often. And I know my brother doesn't have one anywhere close to them.