Friday, October 05, 2007

Bam! Bought a $5 apron; Bam! Found the Bam Margera t-shirt

Started doing my yardsale Christmas shopping. People who receive gifts from me don't ask where I bought something - they know better. Yesterday as I was at the thrift getting my free Panera leftover bread and muffins, I saw a "like new" Emeril Lagasse BAM! apron, marked $5. A little high, but the money goes to a good cause plus I had taken a bag full of free bread. I bought it for my mom who sort of collects aprons and is a big fan of Food TV. The Bam! aprons on the Emeril website sell for $19.99 plus shipping. I would take a pic and show it but heck, its been a whole day and who the hell knows where I put it.

I haven't given an update on my "get rid of playpen full of toys by October 1 or else it's going to the dump" challenge. Well the pack n play playpen full of toys is gone (technically speaking). The playpen is history. I donated it to my thrift (and they took it) but I didn't see it for sale, so maybe it got tossed. I don't think it was recalled or anything, just not very current and a PITA to put together. The little battery operated ninja 4 wheeler was in a different location when picture #1 was taken. That is something I will sell at a yardsale or put in the Pennysaver - BUT we have to find the battery charger for it. I know its around here somewhere.

And as I was cleaning out the toy area, I came across a bag of purchases I had made months ago. I love it when that happens, it's sort of like Christmas...opening up a bag to see a nice surprise of a long ago thrift store shopping experience. (Actually I get that feeling quite often - I squirrel stuff away and then I come across it months later.) I found a Bam Margera t-shirt that I bought at the .35 clothing thrift sometime last spring, to give to a friend who has a crush on Bam Margera.

I went to the dentist this week. I always schedule my dental appts to coincide with the .35 sale days at VV (which is near the dentist). So anyway, as usual, when the dentist can't find anything wrong, they go with the "some of these old fillings need to be replaced" spiel. So I am going back to the dentist next week to get some filings replaced - on a .35 shopping day at VV of course.

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