Sunday, September 17, 2006

Funeral Home Yardsale - I made a killing!

The yardsale at the funeral home was really good. I made $115, which is good considering my most expensive thing I sold was $6. And I can only bring enough stuff that fits into my minivan and what I can handle since I don't have any helpers. I got there around 7:40am (wasn't set to officially start until 9am) and there were already people there all set up and waiting for customers. Although I miss not being able to go out yardsailing on the days I hold a yardsale, I am able to shop at all the other vendors. And I did stop at an early church yardsale near the funeral home (it started at 7:30) and got a few little things there.

Best sellers at my sale were a bunch of CDs priced at $1 each. Earlier this summer at other yardsales, I bought a bunch of CDs at .10 each. I like selling CDs at yardsales since they are small and easy to manage (not like heavy glassware which you have to lug around and break).

At first at the sale, I was worried that they wouldn't have a lot of customers since you couldn't see the sale from the highway. But I was pleasantly surprised since it seemed busy all morning long.

Setting up my table for the sale

During the sale - my little corner of junk. The man in the black shirt is at the end of my table, looking at the CDs.

Hmmmmm...what is the long grey thing on the floor inside the building??? And is it for sale??


Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much! Keep up the good work! Garage sales rule!!!!

linda t said...

Love your site!
Check out my latest posting on my blog... and some of my yard sale finds!
LOVE yard sales and thrift stores!