Sunday, September 24, 2006

One helluva yardsale sign at church yard sale

My friend Pat and I did the church yardsale yesterday. The church had advertised in the newspaper, posted the yardsale on their church sign facing the highway, had a massive sign on a cherry picker truck facing the highway and guess how many people showed up to actually hold a yardsale? Two - me and Pat! Can you believe it??? We couldn't and had a good laugh over it. There was one other person who set up near the parking lot, but they weren't in the parking lot with us.

When you think "church yardsale" you expect tons of donated stuff from the church members. Customers kept asking, is there going to be more? I think the church expected their members to show up that morning with their own stuff to sell or something, and no one did.

It worked out well for us because we got all the customers who were expecting to go to a big church yardsale. But unfortunately this week I didn't get very organized with my stuff - I could have brought tons more. I sold $111 (and gave a $10 donation to the church).

And the funny thing is, the yardsale was advertised as a "Youth" Yardsale and instead people got me and Pat. I am glad no one is suing over false advertising because if they did, they'd win!

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