Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Vintage Spice Tin Collection

I went to an indoor moving sale today. This was the second weekend of it and I'm kicking myself that I didn't go last Saturday (when I could have gone by myself without Jacob). But I went today, and had Jacob with me.

I bought the above tins to add to my kitchen spice tin collection. I paid $1 for all of them. I thought it was strange that these vintage spice and cocoa tins were still in the pantry being used. The moving sale was in a town home community that is probably only 10 years old so it wasn't even in a old house either. So that means this person who had these tins moved them from their last home. It just surprises me that someone would be using spices in their pantry with a date of 08APR79 marked on them.

These little spice tins are one of the few things I still collect. I justify it because they are small. Here's the rest of my collection. I don't know where I will put the ones I got today. I need to find a new home (or sell) the old Pillsbury cookie jar. I am glad I don't have a newer style kitchen with the tall 42" cabinets, if I did, it would cut down on my ability to display my clutter. I should find a better way to display them.

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