Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day #2 - No Spend Day

Today is turning into Day #2 of not spending a cent. Jacob started not feeling well on Sunday afternoon and I kept him home yesterday and today. I am thankful that despite his steady diet of pretzels and McNuggets, he stays pretty healthy. Knock on wood. I can't remember the last time he was home sick from school.

So, no shopping yesterday or today. Maybe I can find time to put away the Christmas decorations. Maybe today will be a day of making money. I have lots of good stuff to put on eBay.

I did clean out my jewelry box a while ago (I went to a "cash for gold" event but didn't sell anything - long story). Well anyway I found two tennis bracelets (that I am keeping). One is real, one cost .50 at a yardsale. Can you tell the difference? I will tell which is which in a later post, and which one is my favorite and why.

I put out more of my peanut butter bird suet out today and within minutes came a red-bellied woodpecker (male). Weird name for it, since it does have a red head, but not a red-headed woodpecker - since that is the name of a different woodpecker.

At the grocery store the other day, I saw that they don't make that old style round bottle of French's mustard. I know I need to recycle it, but the clutterbug in me says to save it. Decisions decisions.

Yesterday I had an interview with a writer from Parenting Magazine. I thought for sure they were calling to give me a Mother of the Year or Mother of the Century award, but no. They are doing a small piece about yardsales in an upcoming issue and wanted to get my 02. Should be in the June 2009 issue (to be on the newstands in May).


Barbara said...

Would have to go with the right being real... based on the size of the diamonds. Would you share your peanut butter suet recipe?

zakary said...

Throw the mustard bottle out! My mother does this and it is J-u-n-k! (Sorry, I am currently going through everything in her basement and I am so sick of looking at clutter!)

Can't wait to see the article!

Chris said...

Barbara - look for the post from January called "This is as crafty as I get" - the recipe is in that post.

Zakary - I know what is gonna happen. I'm going to recycle it and then a month later someone is going to email me and tell me they want it. That's what happened months ago when I posted that I was going to declutter my gross turkey wishbone collection. I tossed them out and then weeks later got an email.

Chris said...

Zakary - this is funny. I was doing a radio interview about yardsales a few months ago for a Canadian radio station and I was asked what sorta things should you not to try sell at a yardsale. And I answered that no one wants your stash of old Cool-Whip containers - that sorta thing. Well wouldn't you know, a listener called in called and and said such and such particular food pantry in the area was in need of old cool whip containers. LOL - I can't win.

Chris said...

oopsy - I just re-read the email I had received from the magazine writer and now I think its for Parenting Magazine not Parents magazine. I guess there's a difference? anyhow, I edited the blog entry

babychirps said...

The one on the right is the real one (stones are mounted), the one on the left the fake.

Love your blog

Diana said...

This isn't related to the most recent post but I have a question, Chris: When will yard sale season start up again? Do you think it'll start earlier this year do to the recession? (People want to make money by selling and people want to buy things cheaply...) I'm a fairly new die-hard yard saler and am really looking forward to shopping again! I live in Northern VA, so we're in the same climate, by the way.