Saturday, February 07, 2009

Candycanes, Know Nukes, and Bingo??

For candy cane lovers, boy did my grocery store have a deal. Any cheaper and they'd be free. I didn't buy any though but I wanted to. I know some people take 2 candy canes and then tape them to a piece of paper to make them into a heart shape to give for Valentines Day. Eh...didn't feel like doing that. And I don't think I could feed them to the birds and squirrels. I would feel guilty if I rotted their teeth.

Last night DH and I attended an awards dinner for his job. Give me an invitation for an open bar, hors d'Oeuvres, and free dinner at a nice Chesapeake Bay front restaurant, and I'm there. Just in case you've forgotten, I love me some nuclear power. Here's a pic of my dessert.

At the restaurant which is located within this hotel/spa, the website doesn't mention it, but they have these machines - do you know what they are called???

If you answered "Slot Machines" - good try, but you would be wrong. There is not currently any legalized slot machine play in Maryland. No, what we have here ladies and gentlemen is an anomaly called pull-tab Bingo. They look and act a lot like slot machines, but they are called pull-tab machines or whatever the legal term is. The only difference I saw what that every time you lost a bet, a piece of paper would fall into the tray saying you were a loser (or whatever it said). And then if you wanted to cash in your winnings you had to press some other button to get a different receipt to bring to a cashier. This is some sort of throwback to when Maryland had legalized gambling decades ago and a few locations got grandfathered in. But now Maryland is supposed to have real slot machines (someday) since it just passed the last time we voted on it.

The weird thing is, the resort does have actual real bingo too. I hadn't been to that particular restaurant in years and didn't realized how much they expanded their faux-slot machines. I wish I had known it last summer when my mom came to visit. I could have dropped her off in the morning and then picked her up at night.

My homework that I had to do the other day was an email interview with Woman's World magazine. Doing an email interview is much more time consuming than just talking to a reporter over the phone and letting me just ramble on and on.

No yardsales today.

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