Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Belated Valentine's Gifts

As it turned out, on Valentine's Day, my DH was looking on ebay for a new cell phone and found one he wanted. So....I bought it for him with my Paypal money from my previous sales. $119 (with free shipping). Its a imitation I-phone. And then on Sunday (the day after Valentine's Day) I got a new vacuum cleaner. It sucks (really well). Just call me spoiled...I need both an upstairs and downstairs vacuum cleaner. And the upstairs vacuum bit the dust - so to speak - a few weeks ago.

Speaking of cellphones - this is how DH and I save a ton of money with our cellphone plan from T-Mobile. I am not a big cell phone talker, but I need one incase the school calls when I'm out shopping etc. And it does come in handy to take pics. And I am not a texter. I am glad I am not a teenager today because I think I would hate to be constantly texting people all the time.

Anyhow, we use the pay as you go plan. We don't get a monthly cellphone bill.
We use our own cellphone and just buy the $100 T-Mobile to-go phone card. It's good for 1000 minutes over the course of a year. I don't talk 1000 minutes a year on my cell so I always have rollover minutes at the end of the 12 months. So basically DH and I each pay $100 a year for a cellphone. Meanwhile, back when we had the cheapest MONTHLY plan thru T-Mobile, the most basic plan was around $20+ a month.


egg said...

would this help?

T-Mobile Nokia 1208 Prepaid Phone + $25 Refill Card for $20, Feb 17

T-Mobile has Nokia 1208 Prepaid Phone + $25 Refill Card for $20 with free shipping.

Michele said...

I have the same cell phone plan as you do! It's great. I don't use it much either so it's totally worth it.

Chris said...

Egg - I don't know.
When we changed over from the monthly plan to the pay as you go, we just kept our old phones and was able to keep our telephone #. And it's only the $100 phone card that is good for a year. The smaller amount have a shorter expiration time.