Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thrift Store Buys and I have a Smart Mouth

I did some thrift store buying yesterday and today. And today I also did some other bargain shopping at retail stores.

The above is what I bought yesterday. Most expensive thing was the $2 huge new bottle of Gazillion bubbles. I am putting it away for Jacob's birthday. The smurf mug and 20Q game were .25 each. And the vintage ketchup & mustard squeeze bottles were .25 for the pair. I won't use them of course, but bought them for the retro graphics.

Then today I hit 3 thrifts and bought all this:

Nothing was over $2. Bass shoes for Jacob $2, Dave Ramsay Financial Peace University set was $2, and the computer monitor storage thing was also $2. I already have one that I also bought at a thift, so I put this one under my printer, which already sits on a storage thing, so it creates even more storage. And you know I love storage.

I got my car's oil changed today ($19.99 special). I take my car to a place that is within walking distance of BJ's Warehouse, Staples, and Michaels. So while the oil is being changed, I do some shopping. It's not a Jiffy Lube place, so it usually takes an hour. At Staples, I saw on their clearance display, they had discounted a bunch of their office cleaners - most down to $1.50. I only bought a bottle of hand sanitizer that was reduced down to $1.50 and then I used a $1 Staples rewards buck that I had so it came to $.53 with tax. I am hoping to get a $60 rewards coupon in March.

My best retail bargain of the day was done at Walgreens. I saw that they had clearanced the SmartMouth mouthwash down to $4.19 - and I had a $4 coupon so it came to only costing .19


And look at all these Pepsi caps I've been saving. Each code has a special code to enter on the Pepsi website for prizes etc. Well I've been saving them for months and months - I figured when I had time I would enter the codes on the pepsi website.

Well the day finally came when I had time to enter the codes. And guess what I can get with all those caps and cartons with the codes? Something really good, right? No....Nada, zip, zilch, nothing. The stupid Pepsi promo ended at 12/31/08. I figured it was like the Diet Coke Rewards where it was ongoing. I saw on the cap it said "Sweeps ends 12/31/08, but i figured it was just for the sweepstakes and not for the prizes.

Oh well, it's not like I was buying all that Diet Pepsi for the codes. It was to feed my soda addiction. Those caps only really represent a week's worth of soda anyway. haha. Yes, the caps went into the trash.

I found out two of the concerts that will be held at the museum this year - Hank Williams Jr. and the Steve Miller Band. I will probably volunteer at both, even though I'm really not familiar with Hank Williams Jr music. I think it's old school country. I like volunteering so I get to have unlimited free soda all evening - and the free food before the concert starts. And of course for the good karma I get for donating my time to be a volunteer bartender, helping to quench the thirst of people in need of a beverage.


zakary said...

I want that Smurf mug! Let me know if you ebay it.

That's kinda funny about the caps and I'm proud of you for tossing them. My Mom would have just stuck them in her basement in case she needed them. Ha.

The concert should be fun!

Chris said...

Zakary - yes the Smurf mug is destined for ebay. I don't use a coffee mug to drink my diet pepsi. But I have other smurfy mugs too, somewhere around here, that eventually have to be re-sold too.

I did think about saving the caps. I mean, the old metal soda caps are collectible....maybe the plastic caps will be too someday. I would just need to hold onto them for 50 years.

zakary said...

Email me please if you ebay them. We love the Smurfs around here (and coffee mugs).