Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decluttered some Jewelry

I saw a full page ad in one of the newspapers that there was going to be a jewelry buy-back event at a local hotel today. So since I ran out of time the last time I went to one of those type events, I figured I'd give it another shot today. And I still had the jewelry sorted by what I wanted to part with. I ended up selling some of my gold jewelry that I never wear anymore for $130. I wasn't happy with what they were going to give me for the silver jewelry - practically nothing - so I kept the silver.

I probably could have gotten more for the jewelry if I had sold it as scrap gold or whatever on ebay, but I don't have a scale that weighs grams etc and I don't have a gold jewelry testing kit. I have a regular digital postal scale that weighs ounces but not a scale that is that precise. I'm not a jewelry expert so I don't feel like selling that sort of thing on ebay. It's a lot easier to make a quick nickle than a slow dime.

Also, I plan on decluttering all the old Nintendo and Gameboy games that I've bought cheap at yardsales and bring them to a new Play N Trade store that opened up in beautiful downtown Lusby. I'll get a store credit so I can see if I can get a "free" Nintendo DS for Jacob for his birthday which is coming up in March. I know he would like the Nintendo DS a lot more than the thing I have put away for his birthday. I bought him a fake hamster that runs on a wheel. I swear when I saw it, I was hypnotically entranced by it and had to buy it. I told myself it would make a good gift for Jacob, even though I'm the one who really wants it. (I got it at a Cracker Barrel when I was in NY the last time).

Speaking of beautiful downtown Lusby (nope, that's not it in the above pic), I saw that the new gas station opened today. It's part of a Giant grocery store so I think there is going to be some sort of deal where you get a discount on gas based on how much stuff you have bought at the grocery store. I will have to find out how it works.

In case you are wondering about the above pic - that is where were are going on vacation later sometime this year. I recently signed up for their newsletter and they had the pic in the it. We are staying in a condo above some stores. Unfortunately they are not thrift stores. It should be interesting. Not going for a while though.

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fake hamster! love it.