Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Cake is on the Cake Wrecks Blog!

I submitted a pic of last year's Valentine's Day to Cake Wrecks and today they posted a bunch of Valentine's Day inspired wrecks. Long time blog readers may remember it from Feb. 2007 Blog posting

I bought the cake at Food Lion after the bakery people had gone home for the day and I asked the deli guy to write Happy Valentine's Day on it. And that's what I got. It was just for us (Jacob) to eat so I really didn't care.

Hmmmm....the cake wreck queen used to link people's websites/blogs (if they had one) of wreck submitters, but I don't see a linkie this time....oh well probably too much work.

1 comment:

zakary said...

That cake is truly a wreck!

I would have eaten it anyway too.