Monday, February 09, 2009

This and that

Before I forget, those below who answered my question about the real vs. fake tennis bracelet were all correct. The one on the left is the fake and the one on the right is the real one. I actually like the fake (.50) one better. In real life, if you look at them side by side, the fake looks so much more blingy. You practically need a microscope to see the diamonds in the real one that I think cost (if I remember right, over $200).

Today I did something I haven't done in a long time. Clean my house? No. Declutter my computer desk? No. Make a healthy and nutritious dinner? No. I exercised. I dusted off the treadmill and used it. One of my nieces is getting married in the fall and that is my motivation to declutter some fat. Ideally, I'd love to weigh what my driver's license says that I weigh. But I'd I know that would be impossible without the use of scary fat-sucking surgery and cutting off some appendages. So....I'll settle of weighing 30 lbs MORE than what my driver's license says I weigh. Aye yi yi. I am glad the DMV doesn't make people hop on a scale when you renew your license since I don't think my weight (on my license) has changed since I was around 23.

Today was a good day, mail-wise. And I especially like getting freebie mail. I got a $3.99 refund check today, a coupon for a free 2-liter of Dr. Pepper, a Bath & Body Works coupon, and a $5 gift card for Chevron (apparently I was a winner in one of their online contests).

I did not do any shopping today, but I did buy something yesterday on eBay. A big load of inkjet cartridges to recycle at Staples and Office Depot. Staples recently revised their inkjet cartridge recycling program to include all inkjet cartridges (not just HP, Lexmark & Dell). The inkjets I bought are HP brand, but I want to go to Staples to find out exactly what they mean my "all" inkjet cartridges. Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. I paid $70 (including shipping) for 120 cartridges, which over the course of recycling them at a rate of $3 value each at Staples & Office Depot, will end up being worth $360 in merchandise. Well actually $290 after I subtract my $70 investment.

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