Friday, February 13, 2009

My Frugal Valentine

Here's the bunch of stuff my DH will be the recipient of tomorrow. I think the most expensive things - which probably will get returned - were the Nike golf gloves on clearance for $3.24 each. Normally around $15 each. I got the correct hand, but I think they will be too small. The gloves are both size L even though one says XL on the package. I knew it was in the wrong packaging but I bought it anyway thinking that maybe DH can use them (they were the last two on the clearance rack). If not, I saved my receipt.

The dashboard Homer & Charles Montgomery Burns were 75% off at a KB Toys going out of business sale. They both talk. You press a button and Homer says things like "Your child may be an honor student, but YOU are a moron!" and "Why do slow people always have to be in front of me" and "Why do fast people always have to be behind me". This is perfect for my DH because he thinks that 99% of all drivers on the road are idiots plotting to screw him over while driving. The Montgomery Burns one is better used at my husband's desk at the cubicle farm at the nuke plant.

And I wasn't kidding about the nasal spray. Yep, I bought two bottles at CVS (normally $7.99 each) BUT they were essentially FREE since I received a $7.99 Extra Care Bucks for each. DH is prone to bloody noses in the wintertime due to dry air, so lubing the nose helps. See how thoughtful I am? Well no, my life is all about ME ME ME, so giving it to him helps me since I won't have to look at him with toilet paper sticking out of his nose.

We met for lunch today and afterwards he followed me around doing Food Lion grocery shopping. He told me to pick out some flowers for Valentines Day. I told him no, I don't want Food Lion flowers. Sheesh. I want Giant (grocery store) flowers (since they are nicer). LOL. Actually I really don't care about getting gifts for Valentine's Day. I know I am hard to buy for. I told him I'd pick some up flowers tonight for myself since the grocery store is having a Valentine's Eve event tonight with raffles, cookie decorating for the kids etc. I'll take Jacob to it. At least he is not buying me food. I remember one year for Valentine's Day he bought me a package of those SnackWell cookies when they first came out. That gift didn't go over so well. Sometimes getting nothing is better.

Before I met DH for lunch, I did do some shopping at Giant. My Giant store is having another triple coupon promo this week. I can triple 5 coupons up to .99 (per visit). I bought 5 bottles of Loreal Kid's shampoo for .25 each. On sale for $2.50. So when my .75 coupons were tripled, that was $2.25 off each.

Jacob doesn't really care about Valentine's either. Last year when Big Lots was selling Eckerd store leftovers at 90% off, I bought a red Valentine's mylar balloon - that came with the weight and a ribbon. It just needed helium. Regular price $2.99, so I only paid .29 for it after the discount. Today I took it to Giant and the florist blew it up with helium for .69. So Jacob will get that. Then will probably buy some half priced candy next week. Even though we are still eating after Christmas sale M&Ms and after Halloween skittles. It's not like candy is a big thing to him.

Will cut this post off for now. I need to post about all the stuff I've bought in the last few days.


zakary said...

I use that Neil Med's nose spray. It works pretty good. DH should be pretty happy with his haul.

I agree about the whole VD thing. I think it's lame. We made cards for everyone this year (I used my Michael's coupon for supplies!) and I am gonna get the kids a few small things today.

Suzy said...

I thought I might be the only one whose DH walked around with toilet paper in his nose. He is also prone to nosebleeds - maybe I'll check out that nose spray!