Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sex and Horror and Garage Sales

I went to Smile today and made my usual loop around the store and ended up with an empty shopping basket. I can't remember the last time I went to Smile and didn't buy anything. So I did another loop around the store and stopped again at the toy section, where I found 3 things at $1 each. Vintage Booby-trap game, $1 vintage Chinese Checkers metal board and a $1 Monkees puzzle (the box says its for Monkeelovers of all ages). The box is tattered but whoever last did the puzzle laid the puzzle down nicely in the box (instead of breaking up all the pieces). I hope its all there. Will wait til Jacob goes to bed tonight and put it together.

And I bought a $1 hardcover book: Shudder Again: 22 Tales of Sex and Horror. Not because I have a thing for the whole sex/horror combination but because, sex sells (I hope). Maybe someone will pay more than $1 on ebay for it.

Ok, so I was reading it this afternoon. But not because I am into the whole sex/horror fetish - I was just doing research, I swear. I stumbled upon a tale of Sex, Horror and Garage Sales. Oye. I didn't finish it so not sure how it ends. Not good I imagine. Here is part of the story from page 9: (click on the pic to enlarge it). If you are curious as to how it all ends, feel free to bid high and bid often on my auction when I finally put it up. (And no, the guy doesn't walk up to the owls and say "That's a nice pair of hooters you got" - that would be so Dumb and Dumber.)

Yesterday I told you I went to a thrift in another part of the county about 30 miles away and today of course, I did more shopping. Look at the bags I got, red glittery shopping bag to the left is from yesterday and red glittery shopping bag to the right is from today - two different thrift stores - 30 miles apart.

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