Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons

A pretty boring weekend here at the castle. Making stew for dinner. Had some freezer-burned stew meat from June '08 I wanted to do something with.

I found out yesterday that I'm going to have to miss one of the best yardsales of the year due to a prior commitment that I can't get out of. It's sorta like the unofficial opening of yardsale season around here. It's when the Parks & Recs Dept. holds their first yardsale of the year. It's a great sale to sell at since people are tired of winter and want to hit the yardsales. Oh well. There will be others.

I'll be making a Kmart shopping trip this week because certain stores are doubling coupons up to $2 and my store is one of them. I hate my Kmart (Kmart sucks), but I will take advantage of their coupon deals. Not all Kmarts suck, but one of them near me (there are 2) is like a trip down memory lane, feels like you have transported yourself to the 70's. And that one, of course, is the one that is doing the double coupons. The nicer - more upscale (haha) one is not.

And of course I will be doing some CVS shopping this week. They have the Centrum Nickelodeon vitamins on sale for $6.99 and I have $3 coupons. PLUS I have my extra care bucks to spend so I will stock up - reasonably - on vitamins for Jacob.

DH is working crazy hours again this week, so hopefully in the evenings I'll have time to get my butt in gear and list a ton of stuff on ebay. I need to make room for all the new junk I'll be buying at yardsales shortly.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't like K-mart either :(. I wanted to ask if you have ever done the price match thing at Wal-Mart? I found out not long ago that Wal-Mart will match any sale prices. I am going to try that out and see how that goes.

Chris said...

I've not tried doing the pricematch. For one or two items I would try it but not with a whole cartload. I meant to do it on Black Friday - back when Target had a particular Playstation 3 game for $20.00 - and they were sold out of course. I meant to try to get it at Walmart for $20 but forgot.

Chris said...

The reason why I say I wouldn't do it for a whole cartload is because I don't think the hassle would be worth it. Because I'm sure the cashier would have to call over a manager and then the time involved matching up prices etc. Meanwhile you got a line of people behind you waiting to check out. Overall, I've had bad luck with cashiers & coupons at Walmart in general.

Chris said...
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Leslie said...

Ya, I am not a Walmart fan either. If something rings up wrong and you tell them, they are supposed to be $3 off or if it's less than $3 it's free. They make a big deal if you say anything, and it's their policy, not mine!

zakary said...

Kmart does suck. Overpriced too.