Tuesday, February 24, 2009

.20 JC Penneys shirt & more

Yesterday I spent the day at home, so today I wanted to shop. My day: bank to cash my $130 jewelry check, Post Office to mail an ebay package, library to see if one of Jacob's favorite Playstation games is back on the shelf (it wasn't. My library has free video game rentals, which I think is very strange, Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360. Not a whole lot of titles but it's free).

Then Walgreens, Food Lion, CVS, JC Penneys, Quiznos, Target, Chick-fil-a and lastly K-mart.

Before I go on about what I bought, if you have a Quiznos nearby (and a printer), go to Quiznos and sign up before it's too late to get a free small sub. Thanks to Sandi's Blog where I spotted the Free Quizno's link. Quiznos is giving away a million subs and the promo will probably be over within a day or so. The coupon is good for 5 days after you print it. So anyway, I picked up a free sub for DH to eat before work tonight. It's only a free small sub, so I'm sure that will just be considered a pre-dinner snack for him. Remember the old Quizno's ads? I miss the little weird guys, so I added a pic. Yes, I got the Quiznos sub for DH and left it in the car while I did all my other shopping and I ate at Chick-fil-a. Mmmmmm chick-fil-a. My chick-fil-a will accept expired coupons so I used one of my expired Buy a Shake ($2.89) and get a free Chicken Sandwich coupons.

Although it looks like I did a lot of shopping, not really. At Food Lion I only ran in to buy some Doritos which are Buy 1 Get 1 Free - and today was the last day of the sale. Doritos are for Jacob. At Walgreens, I bought more Pringles but this time I had coupons so they were only .35 a can. At CVS I bought 4 bottles of Centrum Kids vitamins (400 tablets) at $3.99 a bottle (on sale & with a coupon). So that will last more than a year and I made sure I bought the ones with late expiration dates. Oh and I saw that CVS's Valentine's candy went to 75% off so I bought Jacob more gumballs (.75 a package). So what that they are in Strawberry Shortcake frilly purses. Good gumballs are good gumballs regardless of the packaging. It's not like he is taking them to school. And I didn't buy a thing at Target. I went in to look at a sale item and didn't like it so didn't buy it.

I spent .20 at JC Penney's. Yep, I got another $10 off $10 coupon in the mail last week. It expires 3/3 so I wanted to use it this week. My JC Penney's is not a huge one, so my options are limited. For instance, my Penney's doesn't have a housewares section etc. It's mostly clothes. I bought one "active wear" shirt, cuz I am so active and always exercising etc. haha. On sale for $11.99. I was able to use both coupons so my grand total was .20 (I had a 15% off my entire purchase coupon from the last time I bought something AND they also took off the $10).

And lastly I did my double $2 Kmart shopping. I think they screwed up some of the the double coupons but I'm not going to worry about it. I paid $25.69 and it says I saved $32 in coupons.


egg said...

Amazing! i need your stamina. =)

Chris said...

You just need to drink more diet coke or diet pepsi like I do.

Sandi and Jedd said...

Thanks for the link! I love those JCP $10/$10 coupons!! Haven't gotten one in awhile... Wonder what's up with that??