Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ZZ Top concert last night

I worked (volunteered) at the ZZ Top concert last night. I got there late so I missed the shrimp wraps and the other food they give to volunteers. But I will tell you one thing, ZZ Top is one hard working band. Did you know that they also have a day job? Yep, I think so. At the building there, I saw a sign for their catering business. ;)

Well it was a typical concert, so no photo-line in front of the stage. Darn. What I thought was weird was that after the concert, they put on some unusual music - the only thing I can think of is, it's to make people want to leave - listen to the short YouTube video below that I made.

It was a nice night, weatherwise. Big, full moon. There was an orange ZZ Top type car there - the white dot in the upper right is the moon. The moon looks tiny in the pic, but it was bigger in real life.

Another good thing is that I made friends with a lady there who has access to a super secret toilet. It's a toilet that the public doesn't even have access to when the museum is open. I believe the queen should have special access to a grand throne. No more standing in line with the commoners for me! And you know I am taking full advantage of the free sodas that the volunteers have access to so it comes in handy.

Here is the music they played on the speakers immediately after the concert:

A short clip during the concert:

Alas, there was no David Cook:

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