Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh the pain.......

Now here's the rest of the story about my sunburn that I received on Saturday. When I was talking to my DH from the pool, I mentioned that I was planning on stopping by Walgreens and buying some Solarcaine since I figured I would need it. He said not to bother because he still had some of the lotion we bought in Mexico years ago and he just used some and it worked good. (He took his motorcycle up to Pennsylvania last week and got some sun on the ride).

Anyhow, against my better judgment I didn't stop at Walgreens and went home and tried the Mexican lotion. It felt like I was putting liquid fire (or Ben-gay) onto my skin. In reading the ingredients list, en espanol, I see there is menthol in it. Menthol? I did get a good laugh at the pics on the back of the bottle though. Apparently the lotion is good if you have fire on your hand, cut your finger off in multiple pieces or sunburn.

p.s. Went to Target and ended up buying good ole Solarcaine. Not sure if they've changed the recipe or if my skin is just not bouncing back like it used to. But I've used half the can already and don't think its working as good as I remember it did back in the day.

p.s.s. The price label is correct, we paid 43.00 something for it, but it wasn't in dollars, it was in centavos or pesos or something.


Kimberly said...

"Apparently the lotion is good if you have fire on your hand, cut your finger off in multiple pieces"

I can't tell you how hard that made me laugh :)

Oh yeah.. did you ever get the soda coupon?

Anonymous said...

Are you old enough to remember putting noxema on burns? i remember the smell like it was yesterday ahhhh

Anonymous said...

one christmas, we found my niece's daughter a cute doll that was imported from mexico. when you threw her up in the air, she giggled.


just the thing for the days you have a hangover!