Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where are all my Bermuda Friends?

Well actually, I don't have any that I know of - yet. But I want to make some. Hopefully someone who would like to give me (and my sister) a tour of the all the thrift stores in Bermuda. And hopefully my new Bermudian friend will have a car and not just a moped. Don't worry, I just have a short 10 page questionnaire/background check/application to fill out to be considered for the job.

I happened to be looking at the stats for the last few days and saw that China has overtaken the United Kingdom. And United Arab Emirates has joined the ranks. I don't recall seeing the UAE on the list before. Usually United Kingdom is third on my stats after USA, then Canada and usually its the UK. And Bermuda isn't even on the list - yet. I need to mention Bermuda more in my blog so it will come up when people google Bermuda. Then the applications to be my friend from Bermuda will start pouring in. Ah lovely pink pastel Bermuda. I heart Bermuda. I need to post the pic that I took of a bobby in Bermuda - he was one hottie bobby.

Anyhow, here are some of my stats from the last few days

Visits Country
3361 United States
120 Canada
50 China
16 Korea, South
11 Uruguay
8 United Kingdom
8 France
7 Sweden
6 Japan
4 New Zealand
4 Australia
4 Germany
4 Austria
3 Taiwan
3 Greece
3 Ukraine
3 Singapore
3 United Arab Emirates

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