Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Case of the Missing Dried Peas

In my post the other day, I mentioned how often it feels like Christmas at my house, when I open up a shopping bag of stuff I forgot I bought. Well, the downside is that once in a great while (haha), something gets misplaced. For instance, I've had a bag of dried split peas in my cupboard for YEARS - and I know I saw it recently. I don't have a use for split green peas (it's not like I would eat them) - it was something my DH bought years ago on a rare trip inside a grocery store. So tonight he decides to make himself ham soup (he saved a ham bone from the last time I made a ham and its been in the freezer). Good for him, I won't eat it.

So....he starts looking around the cupboard for the split peas and neither one of us can find them. I mean, those *!#$(^% peas have been there forever and the day he finally wants to use them, they are gone. Where the heck can they be? I know I didn't do anything with them. I know its only a bag of peas, but that sort of thing drives me nuts not knowing where it is.

Keep checking back my blog for a split pea update. I have a feeling that in 2011 (but hopefully sooner), I will do a posting about where I found them.


Anonymous said...

It's ok...I lost some Velveeta super bowl Sunday! It's in my house or car was on my receipt, but I just can't find it. I'm about to move, so maybe I'll find it. More likely, I accidentally tossed it! It was pretty expensive (for fake cheese) so I was irritated!

Chris said...

I recently found some nutmeg spice that I lost. It was one of those $1 spices at Big Lots and I knew I bought it. But a few days later I was like, I don't remember putting it away. It turns out it had rolled under a seat in the car.

Well one good thing about Velveeta, is that when you find it, it will probably still be good :)