Thursday, June 19, 2008

No bargains today

Didn't get any bargains today since I didn't go anywhere. And Jacob was irritated about that. He always wants to go somewhere everyday during summer vacation and it wears me out. It can just be to the grocery store but he wants to go somewhere. And then once we are out, he likes to explore and not stay by my side, so its not like I can do real shopping, it's mainly me yelling "Jacob get over here now". I guess you can say I am a little (or maybe a lot) overprotective.

Well now that I think about it, I did get a bargain today. The other day we had lunch at Chick-fil-a (using coupons of course) and then they gave us each a coupon that had a telephone survey thing to do. So I did the telephone surveys and now I have 3 coupons for a free Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich.

Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches are awesome. Unfortunately they are not a nationwide fast food chain. So if you don't have one near you, my sympathies. McDonald's recently came out with a "southern style chicken sandwich" that is supposed to imitate a Chick-fil-a sandwich but to me there is no comparison. The other day I had a McD's version and ended up giving half of it to Whiskey. I bit down on some rubbery fat piece that grossed me out. That never would have happened at Chick-fil-a. The only reason I've been getting the McD ones is because I have free coupons to use up. So lately, I've just been getting them and bringing them home for DH to eat. He is not as picky as me. On eBay, I bought a bunch of coupons for free McD chicken sandwiches and chicken breakfast biscuits so I will use up what I have. But once they are gone, I am never getting it again.

The other day I did clean (partly) Jacob's room. It was a job getting those bed lift things under his bed. But it did create a bunch more storage space. I found the pair of water shoes I was looking for - they were under his bed. And I think they are too small. Also found some other stuff I had been looking for. I swear, many days it feels like Christmas in my house. Like when I go searching for something, and I come across a shopping bag of stuff that I forgot I bought. It's like a nice surprise. (And a sign of a serious shopping addiction!)

When school is out for the summer, I usually don't take Jacob thrift shopping. It seems those stores are magnets for screaming/crying kids, and Jacob cannot tolerate being around crying kids. He absolutely hates it. I recently heard from his speech therapy teacher and she said Jacob got shorted 2 hours of speech therapy over the course of the year and she offered to make it up in 2 one hour sessions. So that means one day next week, I'll be able to drop him off at school, run to Smile, then pick him up an hour later. And then again the following week. I know he won't want me to hang around school and sit in on the speech session since he doesn't like me visiting school to begin with. I am looking forward to getting my thrift shopping fix in. And in July I will also be able to go thrifting since he will be in summer day camp (for the first time).


QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

OOmmggssshh I found my true Idol :)

gabe's girl said...

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