Sunday, June 08, 2008

I survived 9 hours at the public pool (felt like an eternity)

So yesterday, after hitting some yardsales in the morning, I took Jacob to the public pool which is only a few years old. It has slides, and buckets that pour water etc etc. I brought "very water resistant" (according to the label) SPF 50 with me, which apparently wasn't enough. I thought I did a good job slathering up Jacob and myself repeatedly throughout the day, but by the time we left I knew I had gotten too much sun. Having random kids in the pool saying to me "hey, you're really red" also clued me in that I had gotten too much sun. I did a much better job protecting Jacob from the sun than myself - but a few parts of him are a little red.

The pool would be a really nice place, if there weren't so many damn kids there! haha. I can also do without people plucking each other's back hair in public. After about 1.5 hours, Jacob said he was ready to go home and I stupidly said "lets just stay for another half hour" (after all, we had paid $10 to get into the place). But then....he didn't want to leave. We should have left early, gotten our hands stamped, and then returned at 6pm for a few hours.


The above pic of boats is a picture I took on Friday night. My DH had an after-work going away get-together at a bar to go to for a coworker. So I took Jacob to the museum. The museum generally isn't open in the evenings but now they are doing a "first free Friday" event where the museum is open free to the public on the first Friday of the month. Since we are museum members anyway, we never pay admission, but they were having different events going on that night. Like free boat rides. So Jacob and I took one of the boat rides, where they tell a little about the history of the area. The big boat in the center of the pic was called the "Christina", which I think is an excellent name for a boat, yacht, person, planet etc.

I got confirmation that I'll be volunteering at the ZZ Top concert at the museum on the 17th, so that should be fun. I like going early for the free dinner they give volunteers and having the shrimp wraps. yum.

I'll post my yardale buys tomorrow.

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