Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walgreens Clearance Deals

I am really liking the Walgreens store that opened up a few months ago. It's only a few miles from my house and it the only Walgreens within about 50 miles.

Already my eyes are trained to look for the orange clearance "last chance" tags. On Wednesday, they had a cart full of clearance items on a cart right by the door when you walked in. Here is what I bought for $11.34 (with tax)

$2.19 - a 2-pack of Welch's grape jelly - the kind I usually buy for Jacob's pb&j
.84 ea. - seven packages of Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies
.44 - Hershey candy bar
.42 ea. - four Cadbury Irish Cream candy bar. Never had this flavor before but its Cadbury, so it's got to be good.
.17 ea. - six 2oz bottles of Barry Bee Honey

I stopped back into Walgreens yesterday (I forgot to buy the .99 Bandaids that were on sale this week - and I have a coupon of course). And the clearance cart was practically empty. And last night I found that I had a .50 Pepperidge Farm cookie coupon that I could have used to make the total even less. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a clearance cart in all the years Walgreens has been here. Lucky woman! Susan

Bob Wall said...

me either, I always go to trader joes after they close to get the food heh

Chris said...

I don't understand why my Walgreens is clearancing so many things out already - considering the store is only a few months old.

Another good thing about it is that its hardly ever crowded - so it will be a good place that I can take Jacob to this summer. He doesn't tolerate well being in stores with crying kids or crying babies around.

Anonymous said...

i never seen one either! but idk if it's different just because i live in hawaii, we sometimes get different rules and sales stuff. thx for the info, i'll keep my eye out for the orange tag now.

Anonymous said...

Ours has been open for 5+ years and we also have never had those awesome orange sticker clearances!!
Our CVS used to clearance everything (and tons of 90% off stuff) until they became mega competitive-- now since 2003 or so nothing is on our clearance racks!!

Anonymous said...

wow! i am jealous!