Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jacob's jeans: butterflies and flowers

I know I haven't listed my purchases in several days. Been too busy shopping. Husband had to go out of town on business, so I had to relieve my loneliness by chatting with all the ladies at the thrift stores. Oh, and I may have bought a thing or two, or hundred.

I bought these pretty flowery jeans with butterflies for Jacob. They are Lee painter pants ($1). Aren't they pretty?

Here is a pic of some of my yardsale buys from Saturday. Bag of trolls $2, old Remco schoolhouse $1.50, candle .50, Bath & Body Works stuff .25 each, tacky outdoor troll/gnome .25, clock .50 (will resale at my next yardsale), .25 bottle of dog shampoo, $2 hosta plant, .10 vintage Curity tape (for display in my bathroom). And all that Mission brand food for $6.25 - none of which was out of date. The cheese sauces were .75 each (they have Feb. 09 expiration date). And yesterday at the grocery store I saw they are normally priced $3.19 each.

I also bought two old printers at two different yardsales for .50 each. I bought them only for their inkjet cartridges that were in them. Later on Saturday we went to Office Depot and my husband wanted one of those nerdy bluetooth ear headset things (which were on sale). While he was in the store, I went back to the car (where I still had the printers) and got out the three inkjet cartridges. I was able to recycle them at Office Depot and they took $9 off my husband's purchase. I then later took the old printers to the recycling center, where they recycle old monitors, computers, printers etc. (Staples if you are reading this, don't be jealous, you are still my favorite office supply store, at least until the end of June).

p.s. Oh I almost forgot to mention - yes the jeans I bought for Jacob were originally meant for a boy. When I first saw them, I looked and saw how the patches were attached. I saw they were someone's homemade do-it-yourself project and they easily came off.


Anonymous said...

whew.. on the jean patches ... :)

...what is going on at the end of June with Staples-- are they stopping the inkjet cartridge deal?? I still havent cashed mine in yet!!

Chris said...

After June 30th, Staples is no longer acceping the paper $3 inkjet coupons. So if you have any, better use them up.

The stopped giving out the paper coupons a little while ago. Now when you recycle a cartridge, they give you a $3 credit to your Staples Rewards card (to use at a later date).

Goobian said...

I am so glad you took off those patches lol I thought you were going to traumatize poor Jacob by making him wear jeans with girly decorations on them. They look really nice no fading at all. I wonder why they didn't buy girl's jeans to put the patches on?