Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For a Royal Flush

Last night I realized that we were down to just one or two rolls of toilet paper. I generally have a stash of TP, but somehow I miscalculated or underestimated or something. Giant had Angel Soft on sale 2 for $11. I couldn't just buy one since I had a coupon to save $1 when I bought two packages. Then later in the day I was at Walgreens and saw they had Quilted Northern at $4 a package and I knew I had several coupons for $1 off 1 package, and the coupons expire 6/30 so I knew if I didn't use them then, they weren't going to be used. So....I bought 5 packages at $3 each.

Also been stocking up on blueberries a lot this week. The grocery store has them for .99 a pint (limit 2 per purchase). So...everytime I drive by the grocery store I've been running in and buying 2 pints. And if they are out, getting rainchecks to use at a later date. I did make some blueberry muffins on Sunday but mostly I'm just freezing the berries.

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