Monday, June 09, 2008

Poppyseeds and Tex-mex chili powder

In case you've ever wondered what a plate full of poppyseeds and chili powder looks like, here it is. The other day I found a bowl full of goldfish crackers with a ton of seasoned salt on them on the kitchen counter. Well I didn't do it, and my DH didn't do it. And Whiskey is AWOL right now. So that leaves one little 8 year old culprit. Then yesterday I see a bowl full of poppyseeds on the counter. I just took a funnel and stuck them back in the jar.

But tonight I caught the culprit in the act. Tonight his concoction was poppyseeds with McCormick Tex-Mex chili powder on a plate. I don't know why lately he is fascinated with the spice cabinet. Cuz he certainly is not trying to eat any spice whatsoever, of course. The other week when we went to Baskin Robbins for a vanilla ice cream (with coupon), he gagged when he accidently tasted a tiny piece of brownie or cookie crumb that must have been on the ice cream scooper and had gotten into his ice cream.


Nomadic said...

I live in FL and absolutely swear by two things for sunburns: vinegar and noxema.

As soon as possible after the burn, get into the shower with the water as hot as you can stand (usually lukewarm for me). Pour the vinegar over the sunburn site and let it sit for a minute, then rinse the vinegar off and shower as usual.

Once out of the shower, use the noxema on the sunburnt skin. It may feel warm at first, but it will quickly cool the skin.

The noxema puts oils back in your skin which the sunburn and the vinegar pull out. The vinegar works to pull the "fire" out of the sunburn.

Melissa in FL

Chris said...

Yesterday I was searching the web for homemade sunburn relief and saw where people recommended apple cider vinegar. So I tried putting some of that on but didn't notice any quick relief.

I have some Noxema though, so I will put some of that on tonight. Thanks for the tip.