Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Yardsale Buys and Young Eagles

There weren't a million yardsales in my area yesterday but just enough for me to get my fix and be home by around 9:30.

Favorite buy of the day was the above desk for $3. It was at the first sale of the day and when I asked the seller how much, she replied $5? $4? $3? I love it when the seller talks themselves down without any effort on my part. They were glad to have it go to someone who can use it. I know its a just a cheap particle board desk (from Ikea), but it will replace the broken cheap particle desk that Jacob is currently using. And even though his current desk is broken, I can re-use part of it. Will do "before" and "after" pics, I promise. I know a while back, I promised Before and After pics of my minor bathroom renovation to convert it to a Spongebob Squarepants bath, but I haven't forgotten.

I also bought other stuff (of course) but the desk was my favorite buy of the day.

Also yesterday for the first time we went to a little county airport that is nearby. They were having a Young Eagles event. It's a program where pilots take children out on a short flight in a small plane (like either just 2 or 4 seats) to teach them a little bit about flying etc.

We went in the slim chance that Jacob would want to do it. And if not, get him familiar with it so maybe he'll want to do it in the future. He doesn't even like Merry-Go-Rounds so I knew the chances were going to be slim. But he did watch the other kids do it and he did even sit in the plane with the door closed.

Many years ago when I was single, my friend/roommate Donna saw a sign at the Schenectady county airport that said "Airplane rides $5" and she suggested we do it for the heck of it. I agreed and we went to the airport and was talking to someone about it. Meanwhile a flight instructor overheard us and said "I'm about to take a student out for a flight, you can go with us for free". And being young and stupid, we agreed. And we lived to tell about it. And we each saved $5 - haha. It was about a 6-seater and once in the air, my friend and I looked at each other and whispered "We are either about to crash or get raped or murdered or all of the above." We also thought it would be totally bizarre if we did crash and die, what would our parents think? It would have been like an unsolved mystery for them to ponder forever how we died mysteriously in a single engine airplane crash 50 miles from home. It was during a pre-cellphone era so we never told anyone about what we were doing. Donna is my friend from highschool who sends me the customized, glitterized, embellished and stamped Christmas cards (that I've posted pics of here on the blog before) that would take me 27 hours to make.

Anyhow, I digress. Here is a picture I took yesterday.


egg said...

Awesome find! although it's partcile board, $3 for a large item is a nice scrore. i wish we had a ikea in hawaii. anyway, love your plane story. Also you missing doggy story too. too funny. thanks!

MAM said...

My husband has his pilot's license and has done Young Eagles flights. He loves showing the kids what's going on in the plane, what the controls do, etc. Glad you got to go look things over. --Mary aka MAMinCR