Saturday, January 17, 2009

Triple Coupons at Giant

My grocery store (Giant) is having a special this week. I think I mentioned that they are now doubling coupons up to .99 (which is great). But this week they are tripling coupons up to .99 - but with a limit of 5 triples per shopping trip. But its not a company-wide promotion - only certain select stores are having the triple coupon promo.

I went yesterday and did 5 triple coupons. I bought 2 boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea for .02 a box. (On sale for $1.67. Then tripled my .55 coupon for an additional $1.65 off per box). I am not a tea drinker but DH is. Also bought a box of Kelloggs new fiber bars for .75 a box (on sale for $3.00. Tripled a .75 coupon for $2.25 off). I can't remember the two other items I bought.

Then today DH was taking Jacob to the library so I told them to drop me off at Giant. After coupons, I bought: Hanover frozen pretzels for $1.00, package of Trident gum (free), another Kelloggs Fiber bars .75, Lysol toilet cleaner .25, 2 package of Ortega Chili seasoning (both free) and bottle of Aleve painkiller for $2.74 (it was on sale for $4.99 and I tripled a .75 coupon. Plus the package had 50% more in it for free).

I know that is more than 5 items but I didn't need to triple the gum coupon since by just doubling it, it was free anyhow. If the coupon amount is more than the price of the item, you just get the item free, you don't "make money" on the item.

No yardsales today, but I did dream about going yardsaling last night so that will have to do.

While at the grocery store yesterday, I spotted this junk lover in the parking lot. (I asked if I could take a pic and they said yes. They are a junk cleaner-outter so to speak).

And I while I was at Old Navy a little while ago, I snapped this pic:

I thought of buying it, but didn't. It didn't really make sense to me. I do understand what a "yardsale" is in skiing terminology, but I couldn't figure out why the abominable snowman would say that skiers weren't allowed. It would seem to me that the abominable snowman would WANT more skiers to yardsale just so he could laugh at them.

(for the uninformed - you can read the alternative definition of a yardsale here)

Took the above pic the other day, before having lunch. Used a restaurant gift certificate that I had won thru a local freebie newspaper.

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the wreath witch said...

I'm a new fan I'll be looking in from time to time- I am trying to focus on my organizing. I am a recycle artist/ craft-er. and a yard sale thrift store addict.