Sunday, January 11, 2009

Now I remember why my site hasn't been updated in so long....

I really need to clean out my inbox and all the subfolders. I need to update the yardsalequeen site with some new stories that have been submitted over the years. Here's an email dating back from 2002 that I haven't put up on the website. Now I remember why updating the website with new stories is such work. Here's a typical email about a yardsale that someone submitted for inclusion on the Stories page: (due to my short attention span, my eyes just glaze over when I attempt to read it).

all my stuff at my garage sales are mine or given to me by my family. the
last sale i previously bought a 3 wheel yellow adult bike with basket and
bell for $100.00. my hubby kept telling me it has been in the garage so
long unused put it by the curb at that time i did not know if i was going in
on the neighboorhood garage sales so i did. time for the sale you always
get customers 1/2hour early well i knew the man from the neighborhood and he
helped me put up the colorful streamer then he went into my garage and said
i did not know your motors for boats were for sale and they did not go well
he took them for a very good price that brought over the rest of my close
neighbors. but the thing that irked me was the neighbor to my north
repainted same yellow adult bike of mine and sold it and put the $in his
pocket for the price of paint. then that same year i had a second sale my
mistake a neighbor called the police on me and he said are you sure this is
your stuff i said yes all of it the other policeman said i am not telling my
wife about this 1 i said u tell her i will make her a good deal hah. the
other policeman said we are going to license garage sales pretty soon did
you know that i said no. then another customer i knew always looked at my
mom's jewelry antique marked. that time 2 she came around and asked where
is the jewelry never bought anything before i said i kept it. hubby then
came home from work. we closed shop my daughter and i came in the house
this was the biggest garage sale i ever had. i alone made over $2,000.00
just on this 1. never had a garage sale again too much trouble and now
daughter has 2 kids so she cannot help. secret if you are alone or go into
the house for something it never fails something is stolen!!!!!!!!!

gal from somewhere

I think I am going to be ruthless when it comes time to update my site with new stories. I will only include stories where I only have to spend 2 minutes or less correcting grammar/punctuation/etc. Those emails that don't make the cut are getting deleted.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! What a bunch of drivel. Hit the delete button, quick.

egg said...

ditto. and i still didn't understand it.

Anny said...

I'm still not sure who called the cops on who...or what was stolen. Was it the jewelry...?