Friday, January 30, 2009

Stores selling old food

I've been meaning to mention this but I keep forgetting. One thing I've started to get obsessive about when grocery shopping is looking at the dates on EVERYTHING I buy. I'm usually good about it, but then a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of 2-liters of diet coke and something didn't taste right. This was back in December around December 1. So I checked out the date on the bottle and it said something like 12/15/08. Which means that soda had been sitting there in the store for about 2 months before it was sold. Even though the date was still good, it didn't taste right and I exchanged them all for fresher soda.

Everyone (I think) knows there are dates on milk, bread, eggs etc. But I go a step beyond and look at the dates on spaghetti sauce, pasta, canned goods, everything and buy the freshest stuff the store has, even if the food is canned. Just the other day when I was at Giant and they had Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce for $1 a jar, I saw jars that had a sell by date of 12/31/08 on them.

I don't think grocery stores are training employees on how to stock the merchandise. 9 times out of 10, the newest stuff is the front of the display, meanwhile the older food sits in the back and doesn't get sold until a really good sale comes along, or if a GOOD stock person moves the old merchandise to the front to sell that first.

And what's up with employees texting during work? I've been a few places recently and I see employees sneakily taking out their cell phones out of their pockets and texting when they should be working. If I was their manager, they would be fired on the spot. The last time I was at Chick-fil-a, I saw someone texting when restocking the napkins/straws and just the other day when I was at Biglots, I saw a person stocking shelves and texting.

Chances are sooner or later they will be caught texting and get fired and then start blaming the economy on why they can't get a job.


zakary said...

This just happened to me with some boxed rice. It was past the sell by date. We were making dinner and I used it anyway. I'm going to start paying closer attention.

The place where I bartend makes us sign a form saying we wont text during work hours. It was a problem with the younger kids. Totally annoying.

Sleepless In St. George said...

I was in a really long line at Kroger....and the cashier asks "how do you spell cereal" I was shocked...she was stalling the line by texting. I said "oh my gosh, she's texting" and the cashier quickly put down the phone. When it got to be my turn I look at her name tag and what does it say? Customer Service wonder she still has her job!