Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Shoppers Food Warehouse Triple Coupons Haul

And let me tell ya, I am SET for feminine hygiene products for quite a while. (And this isn't even counting my humongous tampon stash!!!!I know I know - TMI) Maybe I convince Jacob the Stayfree packages are a new kind of building blocks and I need to store them in his room because the bathroom closet is already packed to the gills. Now I just hope I stay youthful enough to have to use them all up before menopause sets in. But considering I am still very young, I have years, possibly decades (ha!) before menopause sets in. These particular items were discontinued at half price, and then I used several Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons. So I couldn't pass them up at .80 a package (after coupons).

I did my Shopppers Food Warehouse (SFW) shopping yesterday. Total before coupons was $149.79 and after coupons I paid $64.36 Not the best couponing trip, but pretty good. I bought some things without using coupons like that 12 pack of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper that DH drinks. Within the past month, all of the local grocery stores stopping carrying Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper in 2-liter bottles. I called Dr. Pepper and complained. Didn't help. So when I saw SFW had cans of it, I bought it.

The Lego Eggos were free. Which is good. They were $2.19 a box, which I had .75 coupons for ($2.25 value when tripled). Jacob was disappointed that there was food in the box and not Legos. I think the birds and squirrels will be happy to eat it. I know it's such a waste, but already Jacob told me he doesn't like them. I am raising a very picky food eater. I could eat them, but not really what I like to eat for breakfast. Today I made that carrot cake mix that is the pic. Now that's what I call a good breakfast (for me), a slice of carrot cake.

The Veg-all cans of mixed veggies will probably get donated to a food pantry or something. I don't like my veggies touching each other. The Boy Scouts usually do a door to door food drive in the fall. (They leave an empty bag on your doorstep one Saturday and then they return the following Saturday to pick up donations).

We ate that Tai Pai pre-made Chinese dinner for dinner last night. It is supposed to serve 2. Two people who don't wants seconds. It was about $4 after coupon (normally it's $5.99, but on sale for $5.49 but I had a .50 coupon that was tripled). Its not something I would normally buy since I usually make my own General Tso chicken (using the Iron Chef General Tso sauce from BJ's warehouse). But I have to say, the Tai Pai stuff was tasty and easy.

I am trying to plan a vacation. I saw a deal to get a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo with free Wifi (condo is less than a year old) for about $80 a night. I just called to reserve it tonight and they are only open during normal business hours so I have to call tomorrow morning to book it for later this year. It would be so nice to get to go away and still be able to check email, blog etc.

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