Saturday, January 10, 2009

Almost Back to Normal

My relationship with computers is definitely a love/hate type of deal. Mostly love them, but they are easy to hate when they don't work right. I am back to my computer, with a new browser (Mozilla Firefox) and new operating system (Vista). We had the Vista upgrade for my computer but never used it until now.

Zakary, I saved all my old files (pictures mostly) on a little external harddrive that plugs in via a USB port. $99 from Staples External Harddrive I will eventually burn them all on disks, and the external harddrive can be used for other things.

DH was able to import all my old emails to my new Windows Mail. My inbox has thousands of emails (mostly fan mail, of course :). I have "sent" emails going back to to 2005. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just stuck with Hotmail. I still love my hotmail email account.

Only thing I think I am missing is all of my bookmarked pages. I had tons and tons of websites bookmarked. And I had a ton of sites listed on my desktop as shortcuts. I think they are all gone. I guess whatever I need to find, I will just google it.

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