Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tired and Cranky - Happy New Year!

I put 500 miles on the car today so I am a little tired and cranky. Not hungover at all. Only had one glass of an adult beverage last night. Now I am home checking email, catching up on blogs etc. I had very limited computer access while away.

A lot of the free Wifi places near my mom's house either dried up, or closed early (like Panera Bread).

My car is still loaded down with presents and junk collected over the past week. I am irritated a small souvenir plate I bought (to keep) fell out of a bag while I was unloading the car and it chipped badly.

Jacob is glad to be home too. It's tough for a kid to have to go back to playing Super Nintendo when they are now used to Playstation 3. We did play Wii (for the first time) last night at my brother's house. It was fun, but of course it's fun when you win :) (and not so much fun if you happen to be sitting directly behind someone bowling and get wacked in the noggin). I think we'll just stick with PSP3, the Wii is too much like exercise.

Need to go relax, will write more soon.

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Nilz said...

Not related to the content but I just came here to say a 'Happy and Prosperous new year 2009'.